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For what it's worth, the Darkdweller's in No Man's Wharf are dropping Radiant Lifegems for me, not regular ones. Currently in NG on SOTFS (PS3).
can darkdwellers be parried?


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Yes but the timing is a bit tricky.
"reachasaurus rex, Spooky Bleeders" XD
I came to this page specifically to say this/make a comparison pic for Reddit. You so right XD
Just watched a quiet place and I'm fairly certain they used very nearly the exact same creature.
You're right! They look so similar! The difference is they can see you.
Even though this game came out long before the movie
These things are scary
agreed. XD DS2 is my first dark souls game, tbh. liking it so far, though. just had the **** scared outta me by one of these and turned to google to find out wtf I just saw after I ran away back to Majula. lol.
i was stuck in a house with on by the door, scared*****' less (proble nut reght( but yah, i just turn off the game and never when back DX
Nobody gonna mention why they have pubes?
Oh do they? I never noticed
Anyone think that they are similar to the things in oolicile
I reckon these are transformed pyromancers. In DS1 there are mentions of pyromancy transforming people (Carmina, as well as others in Blighttown) so the fact that these creatures drop the pyromancer gear is interesting to me. Their fear of fire in addition to these items makes me think that they're now scared of pyromancy because it is what turned them into these creatures.
It's possible, although I did notice that the spiders in brightstone cove sometimes drop weapons like parrying daggers, bandit axes and zweihanders. So it could just be a coincidence.
I was thinking they're corrupted by the abyss, since they resemble the oolacile residents with their long arms and distorted heads
Can you pancake them with a Bonk