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There is a flexioe sentry added in SotFS edition, drops 2.5K souls and nothing else from what I can tell
Flexile sentry will also drop twinkling titanite.
+ has a chance of dropping awestone.
blossom kite shield moved there
Belfry Luna key is in a different place in scholars
There was no sublime bone dust for me
You were playing Scholar of the First Sin. It's the price you pay for them moving the key from after the Belfry Gargoyles to just after the Ruin Sentinels.


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Went here and beat up the sinner with a +9 morning star before even knowing how to get to the belfry area, guess it's time to figure out how to get there for the bastille key.
Level 95-105? Seems a bit steep, I got through here and past the Lost Sinner at lvl 70
I beat this area as low as 69 (haha) so I don't really know what warrants the 95 - 105 rating.
I actually did it while I was lvl 30
The Flexile Sentry before the boss is a nice way to farm titanite Chunks. I fought it maybe15-20 times and got 3. BUT, it seems if you light the oil for the boss it stops respawning.. i needed 1 more chunk and i'd have had a +10 wep for the boss but...
Join champion covenant soo he can respawn. Its going to be harder though
I don't know if my game glitched, but I didn't see a Heide knight and there was only one fire seed in the 8 cells at the end of the flooded area. Also; the two dark phantoms on the stairs before the sinner were the spear guys, not the mummies. Playing on PS3 NG+.
SOTFS on ps3 isn't the same as on current gen consoles like ps4 or xbox one. I guess that is just one of the changes between versions.