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Butt wiener
Understandable, have a nice day.
Okay, this is epic.
ebic stuff
anyone who dislikes this comment is the big*****
what a polarizing comment
when i picked this up, i didn't notice it was a spell at first and so i was furiously searching my weapons inventory
2020, finally gone back to beat the DLC... and yes... yes I did.
Why can i only ever see the top 2 comments anymore?
I just don't understand how a comment that simply says "butt wiener" received 45 upvotes...
Love this hex ng+4 am still able to one shot the entire prowling magus+congregation
Good spell is not an bad spell.
why dlc hexes are so stat hungry?
its a poop in comparation with the greatsword+10
What kind of ****ing comparsion is that
who doesn't enjoy a good ****?