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By Anonymous
Does anyone know of a helmet with similar stats but that covers your character's entire face?
By Anonymous
Raime's Helm is very good with Drangleic set and also try Heide Knight Iron Mask!
By Anonymous
I second heide knight iron mask, it's what I use with drangleic set.
By Anonymous
heid Knight elm
By Anonymous
The Archdrake Helm is pretty good
By Anonymous
Varangian Helm doesn't cover the face but it's fitting and easy to get.
By Anonymous
such a good set and you can get it so early. its a bit op in my opinion
By Anonymous
like if shiva from DS1 was on steroids lol
By Anonymous
Why does it come so early? I've played for ~50 hrs - still nothing better...
By Anonymous
it's weight is its downfall which can be neglected by rings and vitality.
By Anonymous
i'm 50 hours+ with that fire sword you find at the begining of the game lol
By Anonymous
Drangleic mail + Alva helm + elite knight legging + royal soldier gloves = fake lothric knight = early fasion soul
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By Rads
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Easy mode: Activated.
By Anonymous
Fashion mode: Activated
By Anonymous
East? I thought you said Shiva of the Weest
By Anonymous
Weest? What kind of compass 've you been readin lad?
By Anonymous
just so you know, +5 drangleic will have more defense than a +5 king's set, so yeah. drummond apparently was better equipped than the king he served
By Anonymous
yeah but king set is less heavy (27.1 vs 34.2) and more element resistance.
By Anonymous
I would imagine a dude who actually has to fight giants for a living has better armor than the king who just chills in a burial chamber
By Anonymous
To be fair, unarmored vendrick has havel-like defense.
By Anonymous
Are we not going to talk about the time travel?
You find the armor with no helmet and later learn that you are destine to take the helmet using time travel. You are the reason the corpse has no helmet because later you will travel back in time to take the mans helmet. That is seriously the closest attention to detail!
By Anonymous