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By Anonymous
Can confirm that the memory trick works very well!

Just sit at the bonfire, quickly press "rest" and "cancel" so your character sits down, refreshes and then stands up automatically, and right after you make that combo, switch to your task manager.

If there's a rapid (from tick to tick) increase of 6-20K, the Mad Warrior likely spawned.
By Anonymous
He can spawn more than 12 times in one playthrough in Belfry Sol.
By Anonymous
Dude that’s wild, the PS3 physically responds to this guy spawning
By Anonymous
PS3 whisperers
By Anonymous
killed 27 and got the whole armor set and weapon, Rngesus is looking out for me
By Anonymous
I highly doubt any item or stat or weird method listed here will change the spawn rate, that is merely confirmation bias. Unless you have made THOUSANDS of test runs, not a couple hundred.
By Anonymous
You should disprove it by doing those THOUSANDS of test runs.
By Anonymous
The notes contradict themselves.

In the top bullet points:
"Using Item discovery gear allows his drop chance to be higher, but does not increase his spawn rate."

Under SPAWN RATE bullet points:
"Wearing items which boosts item discovery, especially Symbol of Avarice, seemly helps on spawning him."
By Anonymous
RIP if you're like me and ran up there 58 times in a row with no spawns then realized I didn't have the covenant equipped