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If You Think That Dark Souls 2 is hard...
well ur WRONG! Dark souls 2 is easy u chump
Why don't shut your **** *** up
XD yeah. I beat that game in less than a week. Dark souls the original, that was pretty hard and demon souls comes in second. Dark souls three and blood borne were crap. XD they were so pathetic XD and easy. Espiecillay blood borne. What was it three bosses. Psh pathetic
Bloodborne was amazing. That is all.
I think Bloodborne when to fast for a game in the same line as DarkSouls.
It's pretty easy to tell someone is a troll when they feel the need to insert "XD" multiple times into one post.
You both smell.
If it was so easy and you finished it already why are you on a website that is meant to help you sweaty , short***** virgin nerd .
wtf is up with this chat
virgin N's