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By Anonymous
Am I the only freak who thought her head looked like an item to pick up right before it screams after she throws it? I kept trying to pick it up, I thought "Oooh, Perseus style weapon! I might be able to use it to have free scream attacks..." ...obviously you can't, almost went through my estus wasting time, but...yeah...coulda been an interesting secret weapon/catalyst to have...just carrying around some crazy lady's head...not weird at all...
By Anonymous
I can fix her
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Player/Enemies get poisoned: *dies*
Mytha poisons herself: *Becomes snek who carries her disembodied head around that she can use like a magic grenade*
By Anonymous
Why can't we get her spear man? Like... why does her soul only give us a dagger? she doesn't even use one!