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By Anonymous
This boss has quite possibly the stupidest gimmick of any souls game boss with the whole thing of her arena being completely submerged in poison which is 1000 times more lethal than it is in any of the other games until you burn a random easily-missed windmill, how the hell are you supposed to figure that garbage out without guides?
By Anonymous
Player messages.
By Anonymous
Why she resist to slash? Makes no sense.
By Anonymous
She has scales
By Anonymous
Shoutout to my ***** Jester Thomas who allowed me to win that sweet covetous ring +2 on the first cycle
By Anonymous
I know Dark Souls is famous for having cryptic puzzles, but burning a metal windmill to open a drain and remove poison is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen
By Anonymous
Can't believe you've never heard of burning a metal windmill to open a drain and remove poison... what have you been doing with your life??
By Anonymous
I know it might still be a bad gamedesign decision but windpumps (windmill but without the mill) were actually a thing and used in medieval times to pump liquid. So it's not as cryptic as you might think.
By Anonymous
Cost me an arm and a leg buying posion moss from Gavlan just to beat her, then I come here and find out the poison could be drained smh
By Anonymous
Same dude. Was the hardest boss I've encountered so far.
By Anonymous
The poison pool made this fight pretty hard. Big thanks to the cleric npc who helped me and the many life gems I had to use to beat her hahaha
By DankeaterMidir
FromSoftware really out here giving all the female enemies a weakness to Thrust
By Anonymous
Cuz good sword or spear is weakness to all womans, but sometimes they are weak to big clubs ofc
By Anonymous
Who'd even fking think to set that windmill on fire? That place you light up doesn't even look flammable this is so stupid
By Anonymous
I am trying to remember if there was ANY hint, any at all, from NPC conversations or messages on the ground, that pertains to burning the windmill to lower the poison pool. Nothing comes to mind. The game genuinely tells you nothing about this. I wouldn't have any problems with it, were the fight not absolutely ridiculous and nearly unbeatable for the average player without doing so. The Lost Sinner is a good example, you can light up the room to weaken her, but she is still fairly beatable without doing so. Most players end up beating her like that in fact. What most players do in the Mytha fight is die to Mytha like 10 times, they look up online what is up with this boss fight, figure out the windmill thing, and after doing so they beat it first try because it is otherwise a super easy boss fight. This is the very definition of cheap difficulty. Go grab a torch and go over to this generic wooden structure that you can, for some reason, burn down, that you wouldn't be able to burn if this was any other place, that is completely out of the way, that you try out of a completely wild, uninformed guess. BS.
By Anonymous
I know some people are allergic to them, but walkthroughs are your friend.
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By Prowz4ssin
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If you summon a NPC and walk past it then they will point at it.
By Anonymous
welcome to the B Team
By Anonymous
Shoutout to the cool chill invader who showed me how to burn the windmill. I thought for sure he was gonna kick me off the edges patches style. I was gonna give you more items but you left too quickly. Go in peace.
By Anonymous
...why can't the player get her Spear?
why her boss weapon is a goddamn dagger?