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By Anonymous
have completed game story without fighting
By Anonymous
How?? I hate fighting that bi*ch...
By Marushin
yeah but you have to reach 1.000.000 soul memory to pass shrine of winter, and reach the castle
By Anonymous
You can literally avoid 80% of the game's bosses. Just farm in the starting area untill you reach Soul Level 1M and u can ignore all the areas related to the 4 "main" bosses (Old Iron King, that gigantic mass of crap you fight down the pit, Duke Freja and the Sinner), that means you're ignoring not just these 4, but every other boss you fight to get there. You can go straight to Drangleic and just engage with 3 bosses to reach the ending fights (The mirror knight, That weird *** looking frog and Veldstadt).

Grab the King Ring, then just go straight to the ending. You'll have to fight the Throne Watcher and the Throne Defender, and then Nashandra, leaving that with just 5 forced boss-fights as a minimum.

But that's just ***, tbh.
By Anonymous
twin dragon riders, guardian dragon, giant lord as well.
By Anonymous
Sadness they got rid of cut off the tail weapons
By Anonymous
If you backtrack a little bit before the fight, you can summon one more phantom and a shade. Makes the battle laughably easy.
By Anonymous
your second sentence is the exact reason why no one should ever use phantoms if not for the sunbro covenant.
By Anonymous
whenever you summon a(t least one) phantom for a fight, you only earn 3/4 of the soul and their life and balance increase.
on some bosses, that is useful (eg watcher and defender)
on other (eg fume), not so much.
on yet other it is completely uneeded
By Anonymous
A topless boss along with Elana that have boob physics right. Najika’s boobs are suspended in midair, like she has an invisible bra
By Anonymous
Scales would be holding up her breasts
By Anonymous
If I use an ascetic to reset her will I have to burn the windmill again?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Actually suprised that this boss kinda kicked my *** for a couple tries! Her spear has super long range and hits hard, and damage bleeds through shields with frightening ease; and it doesn't help that Thomas couldn't take the aggro off me, either. After a few more tries he managed to aggro her and I unloaded all the fireballs and fire orbs I had on me until she was toast. Ran into the poison glitch where the water around the arena was poisonous despite me burning the windmill, but that was a non issue for me since I limited myself to strictly cast away.
By Anonymous
It wasn’t a glitch. The wiki clearly states that the moat is poisonous.
By Anonymous
I forgot to drain the poison and smashed my head against the wall for 3 hours trying to down her, ended up doing it regardless but wow I feel dumb.
By Anonymous
I did too but felt great afters defeating her and secretly hate those who don't follow my wretched path
By Anonymous
Holy crap I never knew you could drain the poison... I permanently killed all the hot pyromancers for dragon charms, then ran out, before opting to just spam infinite death attempts until beating her hours later. Poison sucks in ds2!
By PontiffSullivan
You want to know how to win? Burn the windmill, summon blaze master Thomas.