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By Anonymous
dude I spent 14k, did every type of infusion, spent 14k again. Got a slab, still no achievement. What else am I supposed to do??
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By Rads
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I was wrong. You're not greedy.
You're BAT**** INSANE!!!
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By Nicko367
He gifted me the slab but I still didn't get the achievement for some reason.
By Anonymous
the same happened to me :(
By Anonymous
You have to be online to earn achivements sadly.
By Anonymous
Anyone can explain how to obtain the Smith for Life Achievement? (I'm playing SotFS)
By Anonymous
Spends 14k souls with him, and i believe make a weapon infused with each type
By Anonymous
Nah I think just spend 14k souls on him like it says on the website, I haven't infused with a bunch of things. If it doesn't work, then I'd assume you need to spend 14k in his shop rather than repair or reinforce? Because I've bought a lot of arrows from him
By Anonymous
Gotta love how Lenigrast is hollow yet completely sane and acts like a normal person, then you have this guy who's just a crazy weirdo with a raging fire fetish that he's all-too open about.