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I got one from petrified something i took as burial gift, and this hammer is OP. I summoned phantom, and when i showed him my greathammer - he used black separation crystal.(sp00ky)
I purposely made multiple characters until i got it so on my co-op with my cousin i use the channlers trident aswell and lets say its broken, he just avoid and i tank and destroy, we defeat most bosses in under a minute
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A bit tricky to use but if you mastered this weapon it can carry you to the most part of the game.
True, the trick is the R2 and jump attacks. The range on it is superb. You can also perma KO normal sized enemies with it, even NPC invaders if you time it correctly.
I got this from Small Smooth and Silky Stone on PS3 as well as the White Ring, Old Whip AND titanite Slab...I've been restarting over often trying to finish without dying so I trade petrified something and small stone you get right before the house with the old hags, hidden behind the waterfall. And I've gotten lower tier from Petrified something so this information is all wrong...I haven't tried with Prism but Small Smooth stone yielded highest tier items and Petrified something yielded lower tier items.
It's all based on % chance so petrified something has Higher CHANCE for higher tier, but every tradable item can get any of the results so really that's just your luck pal...
With 25 strength it shows as unusable on SotFS...Has the two-handed requirement changed?
I think you need 75% of the required strengh to wield it
25 to Two-hand 50 to one-hand
also requires 8 dex
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Stranth bilds go good with this weapon
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Got two in a row with the Petrified Something and the Smooth & Silky Stone from the firekeeper's house.

So here I come, Powerstanced Dual Demon Great Hammer Build!!!
I got 4 in a row kinda waste of stone lol
It looks like the hammers the Ironclad Soldiers use. Time for a cosplay.
The old knight hammer is more suitable. I think it is the ones the ironclad use.


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10 out of 10, would use again. Serriously though, this weapon carried me through the entire game.