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my name jeff
no it isnt
Hi Jeff
are you sure?
.ffeJ eman yM
My name Chegg
that's kind of late in the game
In Dark souls I it didn't show up until the painted world so its kinda the same timing.
Not for a PvP only item
Can an invader use it, or is this just for the host?
It's only for the host of the world
whats an invasion timer.
It's the timer that starts ticking down when you've been invaded, while it's going down you cannot be invaded again.
Item for Gankers and PvP Lovers. Just that :)
Wrong, at least in the original Dark Souls 2(I think, unless it was a function added in DS3). This item did reset invasion counter but allowed a 3 Co-Op Phantom to be summoned, but also let a 2 Invader invade as well. So it was helpful for Co-Op right before a boss fog door to get a 3rd friendly to help.
@anon below, That was in DS1 and DS3, in DS2 it’s just a PvP item
Well i’d Use it
If the game weren’t deader than battleborn
It's back up. Got pretty frustrated myself, as the servers were down for the prior 3 days..
It's not dead lol?
Dead? I can't leave the character for more than 3 minutes and go afk in any zone because when I do I find all my gear broken by some dumb troll that thought it was a nice idea to kill me with acid bombs and destructive greatarrows. It's not dead, don't worry...
Everyone is doing agape ring builds now, and we have max all items and gear. Stand in any of the first areas and you quickly be invaded by someone with max armor and weapons.
In 2020 its even deader
Not SotFS