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i've discovered that the particle effect does not show if you are wearing a ring that gives off a visual effect.

i never got the particle effect even when nearby enemies, but i just took my cloranthy ring +2 off and now i get the effect whenever i use it.




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Using a bone or aged feather get a rid of the coin buff.

Just as a psa :).
Does dying or using a bonfire get rid of the effect?
Using a bonfire won't, but dying does.
my god, the drop rate of this game is horrible, if only the rusted coin were sold by some merchant (I would buy even if they cost 10,000 souls) would make it much easier at farm time to drop some item.
use a rusted coin to farm them easier ;)
10 found at Shulva - Sanctum City, can be farmed by burning Bonfire Ascetic at Tower of Prayer bonfire (additional Bonfire Ascetic can be replenished at Dragon's Sanctum)
There is a merchant who sells them: Magerold. He's in the Iron Keep, stick to the right wall and you'll find him, but he only sells five. After those, you're out of luck. you can buy them there, unless you were referring to a merchant with infinite stock, then I feel your pain. Gotta love farming for Sunlight Medals because I'm too poor to afford Xbox Live Gold.
The drop rate of coins from the bellkeepers actually isn't too terrible, at least not while wearing item farming gear. On my latest playthrough I was able to get about a dozen of them just in Belfry Luna before all the enemies despawned, and I can just join the Company of Champions if I want more.
Can you stack the Rusted Coin?
Maybe if you read the page you'd know. Crazy, right?
Yes, you can. Stack ‘em on top of each other to create a cool little coin tower.
Another thing they got right in DS3. Infinitely sold by the starter merchant for 200 souls each, where souls are worth even less (level 106 in DS2 is 15k souls, but 70k in DS3). That would be like Melentia selling Rusted Coins infinitely for 50 souls in this game. Too bad you can't mod that in without getting softbans and there's 0% chance of Fromsoft updating this game with random things like this and password matchmaking.
I wish they'd add passwords or just make the name engraved ring work across all memory tiers
Yeah, but last ridiculously lesser
Trying to farm a heide knight sword means taking all your free time after work and totally blowing it with no reward. Absolutely thankless game sometimes. Why did you do that FromSoft? Why did you take a weapon that was available immediately and make it impossible to get? What did we do to deserve this?
Get the heide lance from the odd looking knight in the gutter.
Who's that god? It's not one of the gods we've seen in DS1. Looks like an angel, maybe the Darklurker?
Here’s how to boost luck out the butt: jester cap + traveling merchant set + covetous gold serpent ring+2, Watchdragon Parma, and rusted coin
Only the merchant hat gives a drop boost.
Prisoner tatters are the only chest that gives item discovery if i remember correctly
That's probably the best setup without using the Symbol of Avarice