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I think you missed an area in majula that contains 3 titanite shards, in the map keepers home in majula, there is a chest upstairs that contains 3 shards.
I found those today - possibly added in expansions?
Yeah whoever made this page should honestly just kill themselves something


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confirmed in SOFTS, ill add more as i see them. I beleive theres enough shards to get to +4 in Majula and FoFG. (large titanite below ballista room)
the ogre in forest of the fallen giants also drops one


also drops from the ogre in forest of fallen giants


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can anyone tell me what these undead blacksmiths look like .
Green ******* with big hammers
green homer simpsons
In SotfS at the "Crestfallen's Retreat" Bonfire. The Big *** Troll drops titanite Shards. Guranteed on the first kill. About 10% probably.
Keep finding weapons I'd love to test out, but can't upgrade them because I'm not able to buy more yet. Was mislead into using more titanite shards to try out different weapons since I was able to buy large titanite shards so early on.. I played DSR and DS3 extensively and in those ones it's actually incremental which shards you can buy. The way it's set up in DS2 is annoying and doesn't make much sense. Why let people buy as many large ones as they want and then limit how many regular ones can be bought until way later in the game? Oh and farming isn't too reliable either unless you want to use a bonfire ascetic
Same poster here. Came back to give some major game-changing info that probably a lot of people already know, but I didn't. If you're as annoyed as I am by the fact that you can buy large shards before regular ones, you're gonna wanna read this:

THERE IS ZERO PUNISHMENT FOR SWITCHING COVENANTS. Just switch to Company of Champions, and go hit that troll at the Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants!

He has a high titanite shard drop rate, he's right by the bonfire, and with CSS Ring +1, he gives 1200 souls. Easy, chill grind for shards! I'm super happy. Now that I've grinded enough shards, I'll just switch covenants again so that I'm not dealing with way tougher enemies in the area I'm currently in.
@ comment here... cool tnx.. I will get to first level of rat covenant then switch to company of champions.
I am missing like 1 shard to get weapon i want to +3 so i can upgrade it with larger shards. :P
Same 10 Slabs, 0 Shards, all purchased or found
Why do they have more enemies that drop large shards than ones that drop regular ones, makes no sense to give so many ways of getting tier two when they’re supposed to be rarer
I have 10 Slabs and 0 shards, WTF
Got one to drop from the ogre in the river in the Forest Of Fallen Giants, near The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire