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By Anonymous
The first time facing this guy was scary, But when he appeared for the 6th time in a row in Sotfs I was just like:"Seriously? How many times do i have to teach you this lesson old man?"
By Anonymous
Fought him countless times, and all this times when he did dark atacks he is not nesseserly impaled me. Maybe it connected to doing that atack, but not landing it for sure
By Anonymous
Guy has so much free time to pest players.
By Anonymous
Returns in Elden Ring as Crucible Knight...
By Anonymous
No.1 hater of SotFS
By Anonymous
The devs must love this boss.
By Anonymous
I love this boss too
By Anonymous
Whose idea was to put him with the 2 ogres?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Who tfs ideas was it to put him in an area with 3 crossbow dudes, and 800 dogs and in another area that's practically a broom cupboard?!?!?!?
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