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By MatinArtorias
So this is a reference to credo? No wonder this was so fun on my nero build
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No seriously, how did you know that
By Anonymous
"Rumors speculate that The Pursuer is also a reference to the Chosen Undead from Dark Souls I"
That's the dumbest thing I've read in a while. Holy ****.
By Anonymous
Medieval terminator
By Anonymous
I've finished every DS game and killed every boss in the franchise, except the two pursuers in the throne room. I just can't beat them. I still have my DS2 save and I've always thought "I'll resume my playthrough and fight them again later" and now years have gone by. One day...
By Anonymous
Ok, so I just had a weird thing happen to the one in bastille by the fragrant branch of yore 2 minutes ago. So I went to over to the chest to spawn him, then ran back over to him, then he did the dash attack. I just walked right, like usual, but then he went OFF THE LEDGE and fell TO HIS DEATH! (It was the little hole in the wall beside him, not the gap in the floor that he can fly over.) I got his souls, but not the item.
By Anonymous
Any image or video?
By Anonymous
this guy is everything wrong with adp
By Foxinn
Maybe I am deranged but I quite like the concept of random encounter tough enemies (not like this guy who appears in set locations) who pop up purely to make your day hard. I like the idea that you can't prepare for them or expect them, and it just happens sometimes and can either be lucky or very unlucky. Similar to PVP invasion, but without the modded invincibility and them crashing my game lol.
By Anonymous
I mean, his spawns in your first playthrough is extremely random, considering you had no idea who he was or where he would spawn again
By Anonymous
It can be interesting when it's an NPC. When it's a player with ten thousand more hours than you and a min-maxed ultra twink build at the very least, it's just more proof PvP in dark souls needs a complete revamp.
By Anonymous
John "Is this, Too easy for you?" Pursuer
By Anonymous
It's kinda sad that they never managed to make this guy a true "pursuer enemy", It would've been so cool if this guy was constantly hunting you down throughout Drangleic, randomly showing up completely unannounced when you least expect it, and no matter how many times you kill him, he always comes back after you again and there's no telling when and where he'll next show up in his relentless hunt for you, It would've been so cool if this guy was like the Dark Souls version of Nemesis, a seemingly unkillable menace constantly stalking you and refusing to give up until you are dead or until you kill him for real, one last time later on in the game, hell maybe he could even transform in one last fight with him later on, like bursting out of his armor and turning into a savage frenzied abomination maybe similar to how Iudex Gundyr gets overtaken by abyssal corruption in Dark Souls 3, Sad that we never got that kind of Pursuer
By Anonymous
Buncha downvotes on a comment that isn't even talking smack or saying anything wrong? Classic fextralife, no fun allowed here!
By Anonymous
It's downvoted because it's a bad idea
By Anonymous
Wannabe Nemesis
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