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There is a pretty good counter to the dark orb attack. If you get behind him the orbs no longer lock and you get a few seconds of cheeky damage.
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For the first boss battle with the pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants you can bring Ruined Alfis with you into the battle
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Was having trouble with the pursuer in Iron Keep for a few attempts, using same gear as I did for Smelter (Alonne Capt. set, Old Knight Shield, Estoc +7) since I was attempting him right afterwards. Tried switching a few different things around with no improvement until I tried the fight with a Tower Shield +1. A greatshield makes this fight a breeze because of the reduced stamina drain from blocking. Aside from the avoiding the curse stab I didn't even need to roll, I just tanked, spanked and strafed right the whole way through the fight.
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you can summon Alfis down in the skeleton room and drag him up to the boss to fight him in ... scholar of the first sin
By Anonymous
Alfis kept the pursuer busy down by the fog door and I hit him twice with the ballista. Over fast!
By Anonymous
He's also in things that betwixt (SOFTS)
By Anonymous
Who the hell thought putting two of these at once was a balanced fight?
By Anonymous
You should play the Ivory King DLC if you haven't done it already, one of the boss encounters is even more fun -_-
By Anonymous
Playing the game through again is optional, and burning a Bonfire ascetic is also optional. Making the game even more difficult is an option.
By Anonymous
Pursuer stop pursuing you if you're out of his attack range
By Anonymous
Adding to the lore theories, he is also wearing a distorted version of the basic knight set.
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