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By Anonymous
This boss is in my opinion is the best hands down boss in all of dark souls 2, he's a good boss fight, actually turned him and the giant lord into soul farms, raime I do if I actually want a good fight and challenge. And I find using Velstadt's Helm to go into 2 phases to be easier because you only need to learn one moveset that can easily be countered and dodged.
By Anonymous
That’s not saying much lol
By Anonymous
Doew someone know how to get more smelter? They gave me 5 and there is one of those. HEALIN THING THAT U HATE still here and i used all 5
By Anonymous
Just stay away from that corner, that' s what I did
By Anonymous
Late but once you activate the elevators after beating the Blue Smelter Demon, you can ride one of them to a platform in the central tower to fight some enemies and find like 5 more smelter wedges.
By Anonymous
you do not have to fight the smelter demon to get more
By Anonymous
You get a few at the start, you get more in a chest up the elevators out of foyer, and lastly one more in a heart memory that opens after you beat the boss.
By Anonymous
Hey guys, finally beat fume knight after 20-30 tries. This is the kind of fights were I failed time after time, then quit and come back the next day to beat him after just a couple of tries. In the end, just HAD to learn the moveset and ALWAYS dodge, using red iron twinblade two-handed, no armor but Velstadt's helmet and Stamina ring, Ring of Blades. I agree this boss is really hard but not unfair, perfectly doable with some focus and also really fun :)
By Anonymous
I believe you can find them if you take the elevator that takes you up at foyer bonfire. you can find them in a chest
By Anonymous
Very fun fight… but I wonder how nice and smelly fume knights feet are
By Anonymous
Miyazaki wrote this comment
By Anonymous
Sick bastard!
By Anonymous
le meilleur boss de tout les temps
By Anonymous
interesting boss, the rhythm difference between his weapons are the main issue. There are 4 different rhythms very fast slash for his longsword,
slow slash for his 1st phase,
fast slash for his 2nd phase (with almost 360 range in some moves)
very slow slash for his 2nd phase burning slash
(5 is you include the fire magic explosion attack)
By Anonymous
Have played Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 so far, and this guy has been the hardest boss I've faced in any of them, surpassing my personal bullies the Capra Demon and his godforsaken dogs. I usually beat most bosses on my 2nd or 3rd try, and around 5-10 tries for some of the tougher ones. I went in naked dual wielding a rapier+10 and a warped sword+5. I used the Chloranthy+1, Flynn's, Old Leo, and Flame Quartz+3 rings. I lost the exact count, but Fumey(started cursing him by this name to retain my sanity) took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 tries. I figured out how to dodge most of the attacks in the first phase(except for that rare second swing of the big sword which almost always caught me) in the first 10 tries or so, but the second phase left little room for error. I was raging and wanting to quit.

Then, by some miracle, he didn't enter the second phase until he was practically on his last legs. Twohanding the rapier in sheer desperation, I clung to his right leg like I was trying to hump it and rolled through the fireballs whenever he spat them out. I only had to hit him a few times to put us both out of our misery. I was so hyped and relieved I screamed, "F***, yeah!" in the middle of the night.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the blogpost no one is going to read. Stfu kid
By Anonymous
I read it, so stfu anon
By Anonymous
Moments like these are what we suffer for.
By Anonymous
You cam buy his set at the Iron Keep after defeating him.

By Anonymous
Now I know why after few tries he starts phase 2 right away. While reconsidering my gear I decided to wear the Velstads helm. I thought it was because I brought help lol

Don't forget to buy his set at the Iron keep after defeating him!
By Anonymous
Wearing velstads helm sends him into phase 2 from the get go
By Anonymous
I've heard so much stuff about this guy since the release of DLC and today I just beat him. Not only that, but first try in CoC covenant. Why I'm dying 30 times to Belfry Gargoyles but killing Fume Knight on first try?
By Anonymous
It happens, some bosses are for some reason just hard or easy for some people. I, for one, was stuck on Prowling magus for a while.
By Anonymous
Because Fume Knight is a masterpiece of a boss that is fair and balanced while the Belfry Gargoyles are just a **** spambush boss that never should have made it to release.
By Anonymous
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa haaaaaa hahahahahah, That music fills my nightmares.
By Anonymous
Remember when this boss was infamous for his high damage delay sttacks that wait until they think you will roll?
Now every boss in elden ring does it 3 times over. Ahh, simpler times.
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