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"Respawns: YES"

By Anonymous
Man, this is like a Cuphead boss: you really just have to learn it and you can only really take a couple hits!
By Anonymous
Put Velstadt's helmet, remove anything else except stamina regen (I used Slumbering Dragon Shield and Chloranthy Ring +1). Here's why:
• Whatever protection you have, in Phase 2, attacks will most probably go through. You'll have to learn to avoid them.
• If you can roll easily (fast and often), those attacks in Phase 2 are quite easy to avoid (and can be learn quite easily).
• Attacks with the smaller sword in Phase 1 are a pain to avoid. You could block them with high enough poise… but this mean equipment not suited to rolling so much in Phase 2. You could just get naked while transitioning to Phase 2, but I find easier to just Velstadt's helmet to start Phase 2 from the start. It also makes the moves easier to learn: you don't have to go through Phase 1 again every time you fail.

Some guidelines:
• When the Knight dash toward you, roll forward and hit.
• When he plunges the sword in the ground, roll backward asap to avoid the AoE, then forward through the fire balls. Hit if you arrive at hitting distance.
• When he does the slow horizontal attack, roll through it to his right (where the attack start). Then you can hit. It is also the safest time to heal.
• For the other attacks, roll wherever you feel like it. Fast attacks can be comboed with up to three strike. Don't risk hitting him until you are sure he is done (you'll ultimately learn to recognize when he's doing less than 3 strikes).

Using a Mace +10 at STR 50 and DEX 40, you'll have to hit him around 37 times (7 can easily be done at the beginning when he appears then light up his sword). Take your time, just hit him once or twice at each opportunity.
By Anonymous
This boss is unfair and stupid. Made me stop playing Bad Design Souls 2
By Anonymous
Git gud ****ing casul
By Anonymous
I only summon Carhillion so he can make a distraction when I'm on low health and healing. He does miniscule damage and summoning two phantoms will just make your fight even harder.
By Anonymous
A Tip now, Take him on solo. He gets more health with more summons you have. Took me about 8 tries, but it should be doable.
By Anonymous
"This move slows the pace of the fight, allowing you to recover Stamina/Fatigue[real life]." gave me a good chuckle.
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