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By Anonymous
the ashen knight is fuming
great clash of swords for the ages
I died a painful death

my haiku on fume knight
By Anonymous
This guy is a real A **hole. Many, many, many deaths, but he finally went down
By Anonymous
In Dark Souls 3 this would've been a nice boss. But Dark Souls 2 combat is depressing (thank you ADP and AGL) and the hitboxes COMPLETELY are broken. I'd say this was an okay fight, but my character insists on drinking the estus like someone enjoying a top quality wine, eh...
By Anonymous
Supreme Tip to against this boss: FAST ROLL
By Anonymous
Contrary to all the hand-wringing on this page…I downed him on the first attempt, easily, with powerstanced dark sacred chime hammers +5. Chunked about 15% of his health per hit; he didn’t even have a chance to enter phase 2 until he had about 25% of his health left. The penultimate hit on him I actually staggered him. He landed maybe 4 hits on me, easily healed w estus after rolling behind him.
By Anonymous
worst boss in the series
By Anonymous
You are wrong.
By Anonymous
If you can beat abyss walker you can beat this guy. I say as someone who loves both of these fights.
By Anonymous
Git gud scrub. Your life is useless.
By Anonymous
This is what a boss should be. Hard as a mother****er but fair (hitboxes are a little questionable tho). Design-wise very cool too, and they gave him some interesting lore. Lost track of how many times he killed me, but finally beating him felt amazing.
By Anonymous
Fun fight, skill and timing required. Big improvement on many core bosses that were quite predictable and slow. From clearly listened to player feedback from the core game, all the DLC bosses have a more DS3/Bloodborne/Elden Ring vibe.
By Anonymous
comparing fume knight and bloodborne/ds3 bosses to the garbage elden ring bosses is an insult
By Anonymous
not every ER boss is amazing, but it has some that are all-time greats. certainly some iconic fights that will be remembered for years, calling every boss in that game garbage is intellectually lazy. fume knight is one of the few DS2 bosses that consistently knocks me on my ***, honestly a fun challenge. DS3 and Bloodborne certainly have their share of mediocre bosses, for all their highs they are not without lows.
By Anonymous
I would fight this guy if the dlcs didn’t make me want to waterboard myself
By Anonymous
I didn't really enjoy the Sunken DLC much at all but I found the Old Iron Tower area to be pretty fun, aside from one ambush encounter. Fume Knight is also an excellent boss, probably one of my favorites in DS1 and DS2.
By Anonymous
For any newcomers: be patient with this boss. He's pretty difficult.
By Anonymous
Remember when this boss was infamous for his high damage delay sttacks that wait until they think you will roll?
Now every boss in elden ring does it 3 times over. Ahh, simpler times.
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