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Thank you so much for this. ;)-Random Sunbro
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THANKs this was most helpful :)
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There item top screen the look like flower that cross out the flower color is gray and the line is red
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That means you beat the area boss and there is a effect that prevents invasions and coop for a short time.
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This page needs to get updated, there is lots of misleading information here (for example about half of info about vitality stat)
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So what is the false information on vitality?
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If only there was a way for users to correct the information themselves. Sounds like a million dollar idea
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Is it possible to raise all stats to 99? Or past 99? I am new in the game and I love it but I could really use some help!
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99 in each stat is the hard cap. But the dimishing returns past a certain point makes it very difficutl to it 99 on everything. Also, most PVP is between Soul Level 120-200
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Hell yea Takes 434mil Souls Farm giant boss in the memory and bonfire astetic takes about 45 hours mazx all stats
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@anon 2 below, not everyone cares that much about or for PvP
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you can get all stats to 99 at soul level 891 which takes around 450 million souls from soul level 1 (Deprived only) to max level 891 literally just farm the Giant Lord, preferably using every item that gives you a boost to your souls
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"Always level dex and faith first, forget strength" -
A true casul
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Have you ever made any money from playing this game? Probably not so you are casual too. Where in DA RULES does it state what kind of player you are based on the stats you invest in. Also define "pro" or "hardcore" or whatever you think you are.
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I'm actually using a 50 STR, 40 DEX, 40 ADP.... I'm glad i didn't yo over the edge but still with over 20 VIT, 30 END and Low VIG.... Don't know if it's good or bad but i made it to the Fume Knight BOSS on my first Run... Pretty proud myself.
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lots of *** here
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Indeed. The July 31, 2020 Anon is the biggest *** of them all.
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>only way to get your spam rolling back
ha, take that casul.

***. slappage.
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You switched the Vitality and the Vigor, no ?
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No. They are listed on this page as they function in the game. Vigor, unusually, mainly increases your max hp. Vitality, unlike every other RPG, is mainly responsible for your equipment load.
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“From 40% to 68% is considered mid-rolling.”

Then what the heck is 68% to 70% called??
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it's fat-rolling, because you're "fat"
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