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You wanna stand at the entrance to the boss room, wait until he steps on the outermost circle, and then JUMP DIAGONALLY to the right onto the arena. He should lunge right off.
More info: once you enter the fog wall, dont wal anywhere but instead count the steps the dragon rider makes. When he makes his seventh step, run to hisleft (your right) and try to dodge and not fall. This will make him fall in stead and insta kill him
this is literally the easiest boss fight so far. i didn't take any damage - just circled him and gave him one hit with my greatsword after each of his attacks. more like a mini-boss. DS1 had regular enemies stronger than this
yep same for me
DS2 also has regular enemies stronger. It's just an easy boss, I think because very new players (lvl 1) can wonder over to him without too much issue.
For some reason had a really hard time with this boss.
If its one of the first areas you go to, it can be a tough challenge. Recomend hitting both of the arena-enlarging switches



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The Dragonrider faithfully served King Vendrick. Long ago, the dragonriders mounted wyrms, and were feared on the battlefield for their unparallelled strength.

Yeah, sure
*Watching him lunges off the arena*



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Twin Dragon Riders bossfight could be a nightmare sometimes.
strength, not brilliance
funny story i smacked the heide tower dragonrider with a great soul arrow and ran past him and he jumped off the edge
You literally can parry him on every swing he makes. They're very telegraphed, making it a flawless fight.
Here is how you can kill him really really easy:
Go thru the smoke, wait... watch him take 5 steps and roll on the right side of him. BOOOM done
so i beat this guy before i beat the ruin sentinels and it was easy. it took two attempts the second time i took no damage will this f*** the game?