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I don't think I've ever seen a bigger reward for going through hours of frustration.~
totally worth the time it takes to get it.~

I may have got the game and dlcs like a week ago and it took me 2 attempts to beat Sinh at level 125
Amazing reward for SL1 runs. Otherwise yea, it's lackluster.
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What's this ***** about "not having to beat the boss to get it"? I'd rather have grabbed it and run like the seven hells rather than deal with that stupid *** of a dragon


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I just killed Sinh. Before its death, there was nothing more than the Yorgh's Ring on the zone.
Maybe the person was referring to the fact that the dlc's are optional instead of mandatory. If so, he didn't phrase it very well
dat mustash doh
Or a mustashio
What a cheap crown
One thing of few that this game just got dead wrong are equipment stats like this. This item is a reward for beating a very hard boss at the end of a hard area. You'd think that the piece of equipment you get would be worth wearing, instead of this, with stats comparable to junk equipment you get off of weakling enemies. Oh but wait! It has +1 in some stats... and -1 in a few others. Give it +3 in all stats, - in none of them, and maybe give it decent defense stat numbers. This is a DLC completing item, come on...
For real. Only looked into it for a Yorgh build
Instead, they took the quality of this crown and applied it to every boss weapon in ds3. Who needs good gear? Besides everyone who wants a reward for beating some of the hardest bosses in video gaming.
just got this crown. Majorly disappointed by how trash it is not only compared to the other crowns, but also to most of the loot in it's own DLC. 0/10 would not fight Sinh again for it. I'd be sour about the entire fight if it wasn't for the homage to Kalameet and access to the Yorgh Spear
In fact I was so bothered by how utterly trash it is that I felt compelled to actually post a comment for once after months of lurking here like a Darkdweller.