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By Anonymous
Let's put 1 tiger right next to a bonfire! Let's make it challenging by making the tiger invisible!

Let's put 2 tigers right next to ABSOLUTELY ****ING NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE IN A BLIZZARD WITH UP TO 3 LIGHTNING HORSES SPAWNING EACH TIME THE BLIZZARD REACTIVATES, oh and let's make it challenging by making it about 20 minutes for the player to walk there!
By Anonymous
The run backs are harder then the damn bosses them selves. I get wanting to make the level challenging but the bosses of said level should be harder then a couple of random dudes in a room.
By Anonymous
Enter: Iron passage.

When you die to the blue smelter demon and are mad not because you have to fight him again, but because you have to run through iron passage again.
By Anonymous
ajudou muito
By Anonymous
The DLC bosses have no middle ground. Their fights either seem to be awesome or absolutely infuriating.
By Anonymous
Dudes-In-Armour Souls II: Quantity Over Quality
By Anonymous
Lud and Zallen are the hardest imo.
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