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By Anonymous
A quick tip for any new DS players is do not treat this game like Skyrim, or any other RPG. Especially in DS2. Take your time eliminating enemies, and really pay attention to their attacks. Do not charge in anywhere thinking you will destroy every enemy. Even the basic enemies. Good luck!
By Anonymous
Honestly, this game has some of the weakest and forgettable lineup for bosses of any of the souls games. Many of them are just knights, an a lot of the enemy types are also reskins with minor changes here and there (more noticeable in DLC's).

This game, out of any Fromsoft game, even the old titles of DS1 and Demon Souls, have the worst enemy placement, and artificial difficulty spikes I've ever experienced. Very basic enemies will be able to out damage the player, out run, stun-lock, and have a ridiculously accurate and magnetized attack on the player, where even if you rolled clear out of the weapons visual range it WILL still tag you which more often than not leads to you being tagged again right after, or killed.

Almost every single enemy is capable of this, the most notable ones are the Alonne kights who are able to just stab the player during the mid of the role at the exact frame that doesn't have I frames any longer.

This game also does what I refer to as "swarming" far to often. Every other area will just have enemies, who are all capable of what i mentioned above, all at varying degrees of damage and speed (but all still stronger and faster than the player) swarm the player relentlessly, and because of this there is not really a way to time an attack in melee because even if they manage to hit 1 or 2 of them the 3rd, 4th, and so on will land hits on the player, and at times box them in, and outright slaughter them.

This is VERY noticeable in the Aged Smelter Demon area where the enemies are in tight corridor-like spaces, they physically block the players movement, every hit staggers, and stun locks all but the heaviest and tank specific builds, and there is a mix of ranged enemies who endlessly hit players with a barrage of multi hitting spells or miracles (one of them uses Great heal to full heal themselves and the other ranged user should the player think they're clever with hitting them from afar, but are a bit too slow to kill them) all the while the melee units in the room can corner the player, and melt them in very few hits, not to mention the annoying spell that instantly over-encumbers the player.

That would be a good example of artificially inflating the difficulty by placing too many overlapping enemies in a small area to overwhelm the player, and while the Aged Smelter Demon is a "co-op area" there are still other parts of the game that still do this exact thing; Shrine of Amana is notorious pre SotFS edition, but post SotFS it was made "easy" in 1 way, and more difficult in many others- Case in point mages there no longer shoot spells like they have it on automatic, it still shoots relatively quick, but is a bit more manageable, yet they dump the lizard guys who inflict bleed (which inhibits max health and stamina + stamina regen) hidden amongst the deeper pockets of water which you are bound to run through while being assaulted by the mages, heavier hitting enemies off to the side here or there like the one random old knights you fought originally in Heides Tower location, then by the boss location the overload the area with multiple knights, castors, some lizard men in the waist high water (significantly reduced movement in it), and a invader NPC who can just outright mow the player down with a barrage of spells once approaching the spawn zone, or one-shot the player, even if you manage to kill them the knights behind you and mages will be right on your heals if you were so unfortunate enough to walk close enough to aggro them.

now some areas have been given more Npc summons, great, that's wonderful, somethign to potentially help you traverse the more terrible areas right? Wrong, NPC ai is very awful for attack priority, and pathing. Most of the actual NPc's they give are so laughably bad their only use is to literally eat damage, and HOPEFULLY last long enough for you to have managed enough hits to either kill the boss, or almost gotten them to a manageable level of health before they ultimately die; the NPC's do just horrible damage, and i'm talking specifically the new additions they added to the game, i wont sneer or Jab at Jester Thomas, mans does work even if his health pool kinda sucks, but then you get this other NPC name Steelheart or Stalwart Ellie and she has a decent hp pool, but god damn does she do no friggin damage, like it's so negligible they might as well have given her negative damage stats.

Bosses often are capable of turning on a dime too mid attack leaving the player frustrated, and confused as to how that can be considered "fair" when it essentially is a way for the AI of the bosses to cheat. Some bosses are more easily observed doing it, Sir Alonne is one of them, he is capable of raising his blade for an overhead or underhand slash, and midway through the animation he can randomly lock onto the player behind him, and complete the attack with added distance and speed potentially killing the player unfairly despite the attack aimed at a cooperator or NPC. He can do this with his incredible fast jump attacks, long ranged underhand slash/stab, and at times he does it with his powered up stab attack which is... quite frustrating to say the least.

I just think overall enemy/boss design, placement, and balance is an utter mess in this game, and can severely kill the enjoyment for the player especially because the difficulty spikes are not gradual, and come and go randomly, making some encounters feeling effortless, and some more down the line torturous, and frustrating.
By Anonymous
While I agree with the stupid design of alot of the areas, most of the knight fights are great, fume, alonne and ivory king are some of my favourites and some areas don't suffer from this problem as bad, I'd say dragon aerie is one such location as it's mostly used for prisoner traps and you can skip all the gold dragon dudes running after you if you kill the big guys, it is kinda **** that the rest of these areas couldn't have the same interesting design though.
By Anonymous
If you want the game to coddle you you should just go to ds3 lmao
By Anonymous
Anon 2, Exactly, half the people who whine about Dark Souls 2 are almost always Dark Souls 3-I mean Roll+R1 Spam 3 fanboys, and although Dark Souls 2 undoubtedly has some flaws, atleast it's not the bland overly-fanservicey thing that plays like a weird hybrid of Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne only worse than either of the two games that Dark Souls 3 is and actually has some originality to it rather than pulling the "HEY REMEMBER DIS?!!" card every two seconds you progress
By R_Kely_P_N_on_U
oh man wait till you play Elden Ring where you fight the same bosses over and over, some even multiple times at once....Elden Ring is literally modern Dark Souls 2, Bosses with adds, multi bosses, repeat bosses, powerstance, Dex leaning builds, consumables that heal outside of Estus. I will never understand the hate for DS2. Its a product of its time, better than DS1 in everyway. Which is what it should do. Like how DS3 is better than 2 and Elden Ring is the better than 3. But no one **** on how slow and clunky DS1 is because oh no you dont have to invest 30-40 in ADP and nostalgia goggles. Woop dee doo
By Anonymous
How fitting that the souls game that often gets alot of undeserved hate, has the most toxic and needlessly hostile people on its wiki page, The amount of comments that aren't even whining or blaming the game instead of acknowledging that they were just playing badly that have tons of downvotes and smooth-brains pulling the "Git Gud!" "U suck!" gatekeeper fromsoft elitist card on them is astounding
By Anonymous
Blames others for being toxic then calls them smooth brains and elitist. Hypocritical much?
By Anonymous
Anon 1, It's not hypocritical to complain about people being needlessly toxic jerks constantly, you moron, they deserve to be smack-talked at the very least if they're gonna be complete jackasses completely unprovoked.
By Anonymous
Which one is considered the hardest boss (excluding DLCs) ?
By Anonymous
Fume Knight
By Anonymous
Excluding DLCs? Darklurker maybe?
By Anonymous
Anon 1, Fume Knight doesn't count because they explicitly mentioned "excluding DLCs"
By Anonymous
I like how on this site if you try and vent or complain about something annoying or something that you're struggling with, you get downvoted and a bunch of morons try to say "Git Gud, You just suck! Shut up!", Or "Skill issue! *proceeds to try and tell you that some unfair poorly-designed ******* is totally fair and balanced game design and it's totally your own fault that the camera is awful/hitboxes are ******* etc, and you just suck*" Real welcoming and helpful lot some of you are... totally not a bunch of Fromsoft Bootlicking, gatekeeping aholes who refuse to listen to criticism and will ****-talk people venting about things they're having problems with instead of helping them out and giving them tips any decent person who's not a toxic fromsoft simp who worships Miyazaki like a god would do
By Anonymous
There is nothing wrong with gatekeeping.
By Anonymous
Anon 1, Yes there goddamn is something wrong with gatekeeping, it can result in people new to these games becoming alienated and not wanting to bother playing these games again because some smooth-brain elitists who can't comprehend that this person who is completely new to the game isn't instantly a pro who plays absolutely perfectly and proceeding to bully them over it, instead of actually giving them tips and helping them out like any decent person would, cuz why be an actually welcoming and chill fanbase when you could just bully people who criticise your "perfect" game in the slightest or even because just aren't good at your game because they're new and reinforce the stereotype of Fromsoft fans being toxic gatekeeping douchebags instead?
By Anonymous
"Game Design is bad because I'm bad at it and instead of trying to improve I'll just blame the game and if you disagree you're just toxic" is all I hear. If you want help ask for it, if you're going to say the game is bad because you are not good at it, then you're gonna get the "git gud" comments. It's that simple
By Anonymous
Ds2 definitely has the most unfixed bugs in the series, I love playing it coop with my friend but the sheer number of glitches and broken hitboxes is nigh infuriating lol, a fun game but definitely pretty ****ed on engine delivery
By Anonymous
If you are turned off by a game because of the Wiki page comments that is on you. Grab your soy milk and Welcome to the internet
By Anonymous
How do people even enjoy the bosses in this game, they have less attacks than back in DS1 and they consistently spam the same 1 or 2 out of their pool. Few bosses that have a 2nd phase are extremely laughable, being only a small buff to their weapon.
By Anonymous
(2 hours played as of the time of this review)
By Anonymous
It depends on your build, the bosses will have diff moves depending on where you are and what your doing. So if you stay close all the time yea same few moves. Also many second phases are less noticable but still there.
By Anonymous
What bosses are immune to poison ?
By Anonymous
This may be controvertial, but Fume Knight, even tho he keeps you on your toes, didn' really strike me as the hardest boss. It was hard, but not nearly as hard as is often portrayed by players. A tough boss, but still pretty killable in your first 4 attemps.
By Anonymous
Agreed. Blue Smelter Demon was the only boss I struggled with in this game, and that was because of the run. I thought alonne was pretty hard, though. Although, I'm sure if 9 year old me fought some of these bosses for my second souls game I would not have the same reply.
By Anonymous
For me, Elana was the hardest boss. I died to her almost 30 times. She was continuously summoning Velstadt and was taking too little damage to be able to finish her before Velstadt would finish me.
By Anonymous
I guess It depends on the person, I found Fume Knight to be one of the hardest bosses in any souls game barring Elden Ring, The only boss that came close to being as difficult were Lothric and Lorian.
By Anonymous
The difficulty of a boss sorta depends on the person, The person who beats Fume Knight in a few tries and doesn't get why so many people find him the hardest boss, could proceed to absolutely struggle possibly for hours or even days on another boss like Sir Alonne, and you'll have someone else who is the opposite, they absolutely struggled with Fume Knight and found him to be easily the hardest boss in the whole game and one of the hardest in the series overall, but not have too much trouble with Sir Alonne, It really kinda varies between players on which boss is difficult or not, that's why you should fear the bosses that everyone complains about and you see very few people claiming that they found them easy or not too difficult.
By Anonymous
i've not uncounted a single boss as of yet that feels in sir mountable like fume knight..... melania BLIND folded using fist weapons

10 try barely get him down to 70% hp remaining before i'm out of orange juice

squid queen summoned val i ended him twice killed everything she threw at me as I couldn't dance around val

By Anonymous
Yikes this comment section is a minefield.

This game has a lot of things wrong with it. It also does a lot of things right. Every souls game has weak bosses. This game still has some great fights. For example, Looking Glass Knight with human invaders is super memorable, for me.

The issue is this game has a lot more mediocre bosses than other entries; especially next to Bloodborne which released only a year later. That's a very valid criticism.

Adaptability is also downright a horrible mechanic. You're essentially forced to pump up a stat to 30 just so it doesn't feel awful to play.

I think soul memory, while it makes some degree of sense, is ultimately a bad addition. (Although based on Elden Ring PvP I almost wish it was in that game...)

However, the biggest issue this game suffers from is that going through a lot of the areas between those bosses can be borderline torturous. I think they did a pretty bad job of designing the levels/enemy placement in this game. This is especially evident in the Old Iron King DLC. Getting back to smelter demon and Alonne is seriously painful for no reason. They artificially inflate difficulty by throwing ******* at you constantly. Shrine of Amana is notorious as well.

So what did it do right?

I think the branching paths at first is pretty cool. It gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to early game builds.

Bonfire ascetics are a cool idea that isn't in any other entry.

I think this game handles covenants the best in the series.

I think the lore is genuinely pretty good.

The biggest one for me, is that this game actually changes/adds things to NG+. This is a great feature that hasn't been utilized since. This feature should have been expanded on; not abandoned.

None of these games are irredeemable trash. Some of you guys are absolutely ridiculous. Is this the weakest Souls game? I think so, personally. Is it bad? No. Does it have bad things in it? Yes. As does every other Souls game.

Elden Ring has a lot of things I don't like, too. I still love a lot of things about it. The only games I have very few complaints about personally are Sekiro and Bloodborne, and there's lots of people who don't care for those games for one reason or another.

The thing about those games, however, is they're more or less designed around one kind of playstyle. Due to the flexibility of the Souls series in comparison, this means people will have a more positive experience with one game over another depending on their specific playstyle and build. It's hugely subjective in that regard.
By Anonymous
To be fair bloodborne has terrible bosses compared to ds3 still
By Anonymous
Nice to see a good take on fextralife
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
dark souls 2 is also very large having the most bosses of any game before elden ring, and elden ring did reskin or reuse many bosses like the tree boy. Not to mention ds2 was made along side bloodborne so like less man power and money. All in all ds2 went the wrong way while bloodborne went the right way trying to use what they had. That said ds2 is my fav ds game.
By Anonymous
Best Game in The Series
By Anonymous
Not as good as ds3 or bloodborne, but def better than ds1 or demons souls for sure
By Anonymous
Maybe not as good as ds1 but better than ds3 for sure. I like the game but holy ****, that dodge roll and chugging speed is way too forgiving and goes against what made the original dark souls so good to begin with
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