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By Anonymous
Looks like I killed all of them. Hardest DS2 bosses imo were Lud/Zallen and Sir Alonne. Not sure how Fume Knight got the reputation as hardest boss, especially considering he is adjacent to an actually hard boss.
By Anonymous
Can everyone please just accept that some closed minded individuals will call a game garbage without even trying it much and stop getting hung up on morons who live in their mothers basement?
By Anonymous
Hating this game has become a meme.
I have yet to try it, but all Dark Souls games so far were fun
By Anonymous
I was told it was garbage before I Played it, and I Played it and it was garbage
By Anonymous
FckU all, I hate equally
By Anonymous
it just me or you guy do spend 3 hours at the beginning of the game just to try to kill the big boi at the forest of fallen giants?
By Anonymous
Ahh yes we have bosses such
big armor dude
big armor dude
big armor dude
big fire armor dude
big blue fire armor dude
2 big armor dudes
shiny armor dude
big armor dude and big armor GIRL
small big armor dude
burnt big armor dude
By Anonymous
Which souls game are you referring to now?
By Anonymous
Still superior to ER
By Anonymous
Is there any boss that inflict magic damage?
By Anonymous
blue smelter
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I am so close I just need to beat lud and zallen
By Anonymous
La pécheresse, quelle déceptions sérieusement... Et l'arène dans le noir n'est absolument pas dérangeante.
By Anonymous
For me the only wrong thing in ds2 Is his names if the had any other names and was otside of the dark souls 's world many more gamers would have liked
By Anonymous
Mabey if it had a different name it would have done better. but for a game, ds2 is still good not the best in the series but still fun to play and I don't get why people say this is the worst game ever made, yes it has problems (fire geckos for me) but it is still a good game.
By Anonymous
Question: why out of 92 bosses in "Dark Souls" games, only Four Kings and Gwyndolin has death cutscene?
By Anonymous
Four kings and Gwyndolyn have to change the zone you're in after you beat them, if it weren't for that limitation they probably wouldn't have cutscenes
By Anonymous
high lord has one
By Anonymous
Can't be bothered to backtrack through shulva only to fight three random dudes and blue smelter demon is not worth my time. I guess it's just Vendrick and the final 3 left.
By Anonymous
I advise you to let Lud and Zullen in their cold Land or you will witness a horribile run to the boss Battle every time
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