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thanks and is lighting doing
damage to dragonslayer


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All you have to do is just stay behind him it's easier if you pull the two levers. Because of how easy he really is I killed him with my fists no damage taken
I killed the Dragonslayer with Ceastus's, you just need to time rolls and get a decent amount of stamina and stamina regen.
he is the epic boss 10/10
How did he lose to Velstadt?He is way harder than velstadt.
He was very weak then ( according to the lore ). When he came to the brume tower he embraced darkness as a whole and met someone who was like a mother( probably Nashandra but I don't know)

The person he met who was like a mother to him was Nadalia, Bride Of Ash. shes stone like ash statue in the throne room, after you kill Raime.
Velstadt is a heavy damage dealing, slowly moving and bell-ringing piece of ****
How the heck did the Smelter Demon destroy the entire Iron Keep in flames, but he isn't the final boss for that area? He's way, WAY stronger than the Old Iron King.
concordo o smelter demon a mais dificil do o rei do ferro metei le em menos d cinco minutos
Going Old Iron King possible without killing Smelter Demon , but its hard because way is too long from first bonfire.
The smelter Deamon didn´t destroy the Iron keep. He only defeated the Iron King. Iron Keep sank because of the amount of Iron the King amounted.
The Lost Sinner.
Very fun with a friend, and it ain't a bad bossfight either
i don't see a lot of summoning signs in dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin
Check your souls count, most important thing is to be in a tier that is leveled up to the area you are in
need people to put summon signs down at elana