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In SotFS, whenever two handing the smelter sword and doing the R2, the durability drops by about 10 points per strike. Please add this to this page
As a fellow anonymous who lost their username and now can't access the wiki, (because there's no "forgot username" option and you can't sent a "forgot password" to an e-mail without a username,) this probably isn't necessary. Pretty much all specials take down about 10 durability. Moonlight Greatsword, Sacred Chime Hammer, etc. lose about 10. The only two I can think of that this isn't true for (off the top of my head, mind you) are the Smelter Hammer and the Curved Dragon Greatsword, both of which are notably physical attacks.
He must have not known that special abilities do that, which is pretty understandable
The sword s shape resembles the soul edge imo
This power stanced with the Aged Smelter Sword, power stance strong attack looks dope af.
i have a smelter sword+5 and it has 350 physical damage and 170 fire damage please update.
Is this better than the plain greatsword
I'm super late but yes the strong attack has good aoe potential and the damage is high (and powerstanceing this and the aged smelter sword is evan cooler)
Why does this have 5 downvotes he just asked a question
Because people here are dumb
Powerstanced special attack with two smelter swords = Tactical Nuke.
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