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By Anonymous
Bearer seek seek lest
By Anonymous
Not a bad character but does she have to keep telling me the same thing every time I want to level up?
By Anonymous
These comments are surprisingly tame.
By Anonymous
"Is that a shard you've found?"
By Anonymous
"Or are you just happy to see me?" ;)
By Anonymous
Any lorenerd left in here to give me a QRD about the unused child model ?
By Anonymous
I'm not going to kill soul waifu but is there anyway to level up without her?
By Anonymous
No, she is the ONLY way to level up.
By Anonymous
Honestly, people who kill her are crazy. They loose a nice NPC that creates 80% of Majula's friendly feeling, helps you leveling up and all she drops is utility item that can be obtained via gameplay without of killing her.
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By minespatch
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Indeed. Saved all the npcs before going to Navalaan. The feather is handy lategame but I prefer Homeward miracle before you get the feather.
By Anonymous
Doesn't mention what happens if you kill her, like do you lose the ability to level up? Does she leave a grave you can use to re-summon her for the purposes of levelling up? What's the soul cost to summon her etc.?
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