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By Anonymous
unlike the ds3 firekeeper, the emerald herald has the decency to take extra damage from headshots. finally a good waifu
By Anonymous
Dude wtf
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By MatinArtorias
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The most friendly female npc in the who soulsborne,she really cares about the character.
Emma is good too,if you aren't shura
By Anonymous
Umm the doll?
By Anonymous
While true, it ruins the suspension of disbelief. Females don't care about us.
By Anonymous
you can tell that melina share some traits with shanalotte.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Simps all over the shop
By Anonymous
you'll be one of them, sooner or later.
By Anonymous
i love her so much :)
By Anonymous
She cute
By Anonymous
"Bearer of the curse. I will always be at your side. Until hope has fully withered…"
I can hear this all day :')

This girl is so criminally underrated. I barely heard anyone talking about her in the fandom, which is so sad :(
By Anonymous
Screw fandom
By Anonymous
Shes a bland stand in for the maidens from the better games,
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