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Wait, why are there two completely different set descriptions using the bellkeeper's set description?
By Anonymous
cuz this is*****
By Anonymous
Why did I only find the soul?
By Anonymous
I've the same exact problem
By Anonymous
There's actually a tunnel in that room which leads to a chest containing the gear
By Anonymous
The crown gives you +6hp and +2 casting speed, too.
By Anonymous
Those additional stats are a result of your faith and intelligence being boosted.
By Anonymous
This is the best set in the game
By Anonymous
Make way for the King!
By Anonymous
It reminds me of Artoria’s armor from the Fate anime, in a flashback when she’s on a throne with a cape on. Just Black. Same thing with the Throne Watcher set. The main version without a cape.
By Anonymous
Long live the King(Queen)!!!
By Anonymous
you guys are all big f*c*ing fa**ots
By Anonymous
The Dragonrider appears to f off once Vendrick is dead.
By ToXiCEngel
A fine armor choice. Can't go wrong with this set.
By Anonymous
is this carried to ng+?
By Anonymous