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By Anonymous
Dark infused Zwiehander plus resonant weapon plus Leo ring equals pain.
By Anonymous
If you infuse the Zweihander with lightning dragons will fear you.
By Anonymous
Don't tell anyone you leveled up dexterity!
By Anonymous
Just start as a Bandit u casul, then u don't need to be a dex lvling ***
By Anonymous
only filfy casuls lvl up dex
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Are You N4ZlST ***?
By Anonymous
Zweihander + Fire 10 is the best sword i ever used
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That moment when the Fire infusion has 66.6% fire block. Also, obligatory Giant Dad meme.
By KingofDrangleic
The Zweihander is the best weapon and my favorite weapon it is useful in any scenario,its heavy attack can throw of enemies and on the right hands it can push enemies off the cliff and insta-kill,high physical damage,its moveset is the best of all UGS and that being said it is the reason why its the best weapon
By Anonymous
Agreed. I prefer a lightning Zweihander for extra damage to darhons. #YouJustGotZweihanded
By Anonymous
no base cannon comments?