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By Anonymous
So while killing bosses counts, doesn't running out of time with host alive also count as duty fulfilled? If so, farming with small stone could be an option, maybe in the hell room with all the sentinels.
By Anonymous
And for farming drops from enemies, do you need to be in HOTS for them to drop or could you stay in COC for spawns?
By Anonymous
Only awards a silky stone when using small stone sadly.
By Anonymous
"Here he comes again... why does he want to many Falconer sets?"
"Stop leaving the doors open!"
By jhc24
Got all 30 medals in Ng+4 Royal Army Camp (through bonfire ascetics) in around an hour using Crystal Soul Spears to take down the 2 close Falconeers on loop (with Watchdragon Parma, Symbol of Avarice and Gold Serpent Ring +2 and occasional use of rusted coins). For the Falconeer inside the tent, you can check if it dropped anything through the small opening in the tent. Be careful when getting the loot cause at that New game the Falconeers pack quite a punch. I used CSS cause it's faster than normal SS but both of them two shot falconeers with 51 int (spiced CSS down a bit) and Staff of Wisdom +5
By Anonymous
I was in NG, used Comany covenant for unlimited respawns.
I did not use coins and I did not have the Symbol of Avarice yet, so I used Jesters (50 Item Discovery instead of 100)
Took me several hours and 984 soldier kills for 24 medals which equals 41 kills per medal so something around 2,5% drop chance at this item discovery (Watchdragon, Gold Serpent +2, Prisoners Chest and Gold Serpent +2)
By Anonymous
Champion Covenant active, jester hat, watchdog parma shield, gold serpent ring +1… Farmed the 3 falconers at the royal army campsite left the one in the tent alone. Took about 7 hours for all 30 medals on PS. Get that platinum peeps!
By Anonymous
After trying almost all page/comment suggestions out there i found the absolute BEST way. Stand right next to royal army camp bonfire and 1 shot snipe falconer standing by the fire pit. If he doesnt drop, rest and repeat using covenant of champions for infinite spawns.

Fire pit dude ONLY drops medals, so you don't have to waste time on armor drops. If you're a tank build like me (weak magic) and already made 1 hit kills hard using bonfire ascetics, aim headshots with the upgraded, dark infused sanctum crossbow special. Thing hits like a truck, has a huge hit box if you're aim is off, and the special doesnt even use ammo!

Can kill him 6 times/min if fast, for 5k souls. Went from netting 1 medal every 10-20 mins to 4-5 in the same span. Easily saved me probably 2 hours vs all other methods.
By Anonymous
Thank you.
By Anonymous
The Falconer by the corpse-fire has the same drops as any other.
By Anonymous
2nd comment is completely wrong. Other falconers in the camp gave me random other items many times, and this one ONLY gives sunlight medals on SOTFS
By Anonymous
Second comment is correct. I just received an armor piece from it.
By Anonymous
Same, got armor and shield from the guy next to fire on NG
By Anonymous
Weird. A difference in platform editions maybe? On xbox one softs i only got medals from the guy for 200+ kills. Maybe because i was in champion covenant and bonfire ascetic+1? Only other thing i can think of is some hidden gameplay mechanic
By Anonymous
From my personal experience, (being a DEX build) I would undoubtedly recommend the farming route at Fire Keepers' Dwelling, Things Betwixt. After testing out multiple other strategies such as, the Royal Army Campsite and The Mines, I was ready to throw in the towel because of how tedious and unbelievable frustrating these methods were for a melee build.

Here are the in-depth details for the farming route that I used, if you are interested: Keep in mind that you have to be in a new game+ cycle (or above) for the enemies to spawn. Start by traveling to the only bonfire in Things Betwixt. Remember to equip all the various pieces of gear that boost item discovery i.e. Symbol of Avarice/Jester's Cap, Prisoner's Tatters and the best version of the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring that you have. From there, run towards the place where you originally spawn when starting a new game (through the Witches' hut and across the tiny bridge). Kill the two red phantom enemies as they will chase you down quite diligently if you elect to ignore them. Before you start attacking the first falconer soldier, use a rusted coin to further increase item discovery (lasts for a total of 5 minutes). Kill the 4 falconers and test your luck. After killing them, run back to the bonfire, rest and repeat the process. To save time and rusted coins, I found that you have time to kill all the falconers soilders 4 times before the effects of the rusted coin wear off. You may be able to get more mileage out of the rusted coin if you are able to complete the route very quickly. 4 kill cycles before reusing a rusted coin seemed quite comfortable for me while going at a relatively quick pace. Furthermore, you can use a homeward bone/aged feather after killing the falconers on the cycle before you use the next rusted coin. This will save you one run back.

If you are a melee build like me who is struggling with the many top suggested methods on youtube, then I encourage you to try this particular strategy out. I believe it'll both save you some time and your sanity. Hope someone out there found this informative/helpful.
By Anonymous
Does it need to be full NG+ or would just increasing that bonfire's NG level work?
By Anonymous
The easiest way to farm is: go to Brightstone Cove Tseldora, break the carriage and kill the 1st 3 falconners, then walk back to the bonfire. If you just walk to the bonfire after the kills, the carriage will not reset.

Using flynn, ring of blades and +5 magic ice rapier (magic deals more damage with r2), you can one shot if you r2 at point blank even with no int or weapon enchant. They get vulnerable after the combo or run attack.

Used SL120 dex build with 3 int.

Don't forget to be member of the Covenant of Champions, so they don't stop respawning.
By Anonymous
I just need 30 and i already had 16 so it should be easy right nope its torture even with the bloody rusted coin none spawn at all. Its so dissharttening to go threw this but i must go on for the stupid god damn platnumn
By Anonymous
Farming for cov items in a dead game made me realize that elden ring getting rid of covenants was a good thing
By Anonymous
It ain’t dead. Most players are doing online things in ng+ or ng++
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