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By Anonymous
For the Banediggers the drop rate is about 3% with Jester's Cap, Prisoner's Tatters and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+2. (I killed 632 Banediggers and got 20 medals)
By Anonymous
jeez that is a pitiful drop chance
By Anonymous
Well I believe in hindsight you should've helped the community by placing your damn sun bro medal, would've been faster for you as well.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the research
By Anonymous
Is sunbros community still around? I haven't seen a summon sign for quite a while...
By Anonymous
Trying! I've helped around a dozen people kill Twin Dragonriders and Looking Glass Knight at the castle today. Saw several other sunny's too. We're still around, somewhat
By Anonymous
I'm at soul tier 42, I see nobody and nobody can see mine unfortunately, sun spear is the last miracle I need as well...
By Anonymous
Still around, but it seems like I went way overboard with my leveling and nobody can/want to summon me for any of the bosses in the areas that are marked as active.
By Anonymous
Tell me if you need help, im trying to be summoned and can help you out with every boss you need. Steam nick is grizzly miki
By Anonymous
Hey, at which sl should stop if I want to be in the community invocation range ?
By Anonymous
Still a Sunbro for PS4 and still trying to get that Sunlight Miracle. R.I.P.
By Anonymous
ascetic at things betwixt + covenant of champions. then farm the falconers there
By CZsfPurplik
Yeah i'm doing that but the drop rate even with maxed luck build succ a D!ck
By Anonymous
Need help farming ill co op for some jolly good cooperation! -sun bro
By Anonymous
What Soul level tier are you? I farmed the Giant inside the memory a bit too much in NG to make my character able to be Darklurker... Anyway I'm Tier 38 at around 8.5 mil souls :/ what are you on? As would be good go help each other
By Anonymous
add me then fam Im keen on ps4
By Anonymous
I am a sunbro too currently at earthen peak . On ps3, lvl 93
By Anonymous
Still need help? I need medals for sunlight spear ps4 add PacoFrumTacoBell if you do
By Anonymous
Thenotoriousjizm add me up soul memory in around 9mil need sunlight medals going for plat and it's a pain anyway who helps me out I'll return the favour, I can also help out in ds3 if anyone needs help I have it platinumed and bloodbourne
By Anonymous
Hello, need help farming this on PS3 regular DS2 version! Or if someone could temporarily give me Sunlight spear it would be the best! Thanks
By Anonymous
Use an anstetic at things betwix and go all the way back
By Anonymous
ill help you on ps3 i need medals too. add me Nightmar3_4-L1F3
By Anonymous
hey could use assist for medals on DS2 regular on Steam. Will check this comment for replies so leave one if interested!
By Anonymous
I'm tier 44 on soul memory, I need medals too, if u still want to farm these add me on steam: Lazunk.
By Anonymous
Just curious and can't find this info anywhere. You don't have to be part of Heirs of the Sun covenant to get the medals to drop from enemies, do you? I've gotten rat tails and dragon scales without being in those covenants, so I figured that you don't. I just want to make sure.
By Anonymous
No you don't need to be in the covenant I had some dropped for me yesterday and I was in the covenant of champions
By Anonymous
once I cooped and helped somebody from bonfire to entire boss fight then I didnot get sunlight medal afterwards. Are you sure about getting this even not a member of the covenant ?
By Anonymous
No, you have to be a covenant member to get the medal for co-op. It even says so under the description for sunlight medals
By Anonymous
The trouble is if your soul memory gets too high, no one will see your sign anymore and you're forced to have to farm medals to get the covenant ranking rewards.
By Anonymous
That's why you grab the Agape Ring from Straid - the ring absorbs the souls you get from co-oping and thus keeps your Soul Memory from inflating.
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