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I was thinking it would be good like Elizabeth Mushroom, except its NOT.


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well it is good for one thing, selling it to gavlan as they fetch a good price for no reason
It's very useful for walking around with, at least as a heavy build, the regen is almost like extra def
This is basically the Ring of Restoration as a consumable
but worse
That tree is really making me wonder about the lore in this game...
Heals 900 HP over 500 seconds, which seems kind of useless. I guess you could pop 25 of them for a 7 minute long lifegem.
Given how slow it is you can use it before hard boss fight when your hp is full or nearly full. That way after enemy hit's you you will have better chance's to survive next attack. Given how small value is I doubt it but potentially it can save your life. It should be used more as a buff you cast before hard fight than immediate or nearly immediate heal during it.
They do not stack with itself
The tree drops these each time it respawns, making it possible to get tons of these, if you're that desperate for mediocre healing items. Though they could be decent for AFKing
I'm desperate because I'm collecting 99 of all consumables lol

The healing of this item is NOT like lifegems. If you use more than one at a time, they do NOT stack. Additionally, it is incompatible with most combat buffs like Resonant Flesh, Magic Barrier, etc. and other item buffs like Rusted Coin.

I will sell these to Gavlan and buy lifegems from the hag merchant.
Absolutely not worth it, so just use em whenever you can to clear out inventory space.