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where are the engraved gauntlets
In the room you use the key on
i never get this fking KEY GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!
Got it kill pate get cell key in huntsmans copse talk than go to shaded woods walk up the stairs near scorpieness najaka he is there talk and then find him in tseldora boom
Seeing as how they both try to get you killed, just kill the other guy too after he gives you the key. That ends the questline anyway.
A Low chance, but if swinging a heavy aoe weapon such as a Greatsword, watch your swings. If you're strong enough, its possible to kill both of them on a strike by accident before obtaining the key.
I killed both and I don't get the key, there's a way to get?
what if i killed creighton :/
Anyone know what is in the chests in the room?