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By Anonymous
its strange how he appear after lucatiel is next to lost her sanity. if he is in drangleic, why hes not helpin her?
By Anonymous
He probably went hollow first, judging by the face that he invades us and the fact that he disappeared before she came to Drangleic.
By Anonymous
So sad lucatiel was almost reunited with her brother
By Anonymous
Based on what Lucatiels dialogue, their reunification would have been her death, or maybe they did, in which case, R.I.P Lucatiel.
By Anonymous
No Sister GPS to realize she's nearby probably, plus no cellphones, etc. Not difficult to figure out if you think about it for half a minute. Regardless of the other answers mentioning hollow memory sickness. I mean do you know where your Sister is every second after she runs screaming out of your room?
By Anonymous
It says she lost her brother or something like that
By Anonymous
She didn't lose him, he didn't die, listen to her story: "But then, one day…he was gone, lost without a trace.
Now I'm certain. That he was taken, by the curse." He went to seek the cure to Drangleic.
By Anonymous
6400 souls on NG+, Very important Knowledge
By Anonymous
If you wonder why he doesn't help her, you'd know by reading about half her dialogue. "The curse slowly erodes ones memory until nothing's left..."
By Anonymous
Why does he have lucatiels mask, as that was supposed to be unique to her.....
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By AntonShea53
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There's no indication that Lucatiel's mask was unique. Aslatiel probably wore his mask for the same reason she wore hers, to disguise their hollowing.
By Anonymous
I think that all the lite knights of Mirrah, such as Aslatiel and Lucatiel, wear that sort of mask.
By Anonymous
Well, I'd say the hat/mask combination was reserved for elite Mirrah knights, while just the hat (found in the frigid outskirts) was for the normal ones. After all, whenever we get two pieces of headgear that are very similar except for a detail or two, it's usually to signify a difference (elite knight helm is for, well, the elites, while the normal knight helm is for the regulars.) In either rank or condition (in the case for the hollowed vs non hollowed armor sets). Besides, Both Lucatiel and Aslatiel were known for being the best of the best in Mirrah. Lucatiel's mask is actually supposed to be a gentleman's mask, if we were to go off of the ds3 description for lucatiel's mask- "perhaps that is why this gentleman's mask is named after a woman". I guess since she got as good if not better then the guys, she became one of the guys?
I don't know if I made any sense there...
By Anonymous
Lucatiel went hollow in Aldia's keep, in the same place her brother went hollow at as well. This is why her quest line ends here, and why in just a few steps from the little shack where she disappears, you fight her hollowed brother. Though you do not fight her, the implication is that she goes hollow in just about the same place her brother fell to the curse as well.
By nightcoremoon
Except... she doesn't, considering you can summon her in Eleum Loyce, which canonically takes place after getting the Ashen Mist Heart which obviously takes place after you chat with her in Aldia's Keep. As of DS2 she does not completely hollow out. But by DS3 yeah totally.
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By Grim_Reaper
They kind of cloned that encounter with Eileen and the Bloody Crow in Bloodborne. Or at least it has the same vibes.
By Anonymous
huh, i always thought bloodborne came out after dark souls two. the graphics are monumentally better in bloodborne
By Anonymous
bloodborne came out after dark souls 2...
By Anonymous
zoom zoom
By Anonymous
Guys read his message, he means they cloned this thing from DS2 in Bloodborne...not from Bloodborne in DS2.....
By Anonymous
Did anyone ever consider Lucatiel's older brother is actually Lucatiel? It wouldn't be the first time a lady has pretended to be a man...
By Anonymous
Then who is Lucatiel if Aslatiel is Lucatiel because if Lucatiel ireally is Aslatiel then we don't really know who Lucatiel is?
By Anonymous
I missed Lucatiel in Black Gulch, so I fought her brother before speaking to her in Black Gulch and then at the keep, so no, it's not her.
By Anonymous
I f*cked your sister and you have the gall to come into my house?