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By jhc24
The leg hugging strat is op xD
By Anonymous
I just got naked, stayed behind him, and poked him.
By Anonymous
Beat him with magic wisdom staff +5
36 great heavy soul arrows
9 soul spears
3 crystal soul spear
wearing black hood
lion mage robe
lion mage cuffs
lion mage skirt
rings ring of steel protection +1
southern ritual band +1
clear bluestone +2
sorcery clutch (Base level)
Recommend to take a break and Relax take and shower and take the bins out and stuff like that also did this at 11:44pm at night
(Tip) hit him once and back up bait his attack and rinse and repeat

All the bosses I have struggle with I have beat them at this time a least above 11pm
By Anonymous
Here bro I award you with this *Your Virginity *
By Anonymous
4 giant souls are needed at least, my *** was doing 70 damage for 20 minutes before realizing i needed the giants
By Anonymous
If you're struggling with him try ivory king's ultra greatsword with fast roll.
By Anonymous
the worst thing about ds2 is boss design (then adp)
By Anonymous
nah, it adp
By Anonymous
I remember my first time trying to kill him. I had a fully upgraded poison Heide sword and a fully upgraded drakeblood Greatsword. It took me about an hour to get him to halfway health. He has so much defense my weapons strated to break. Not much later, I did too.

King Vendrick deserves my respect. He has truly surpassed the gods.
By Anonymous
hes also immune to poison so...
By Anonymous
If you use a bonfir ascetic after agro him does he de-agro?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Alright thank you bery much and also PRAISE THE SUN
By Anonymous
The ultimate counter to everything: left leg
By Anonymous
10/10 location description
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