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By Anonymous
If I needed those why did you let me use them lmao. Another ds2 bs.
By Anonymous
Given DS3 wrapped everything, if they ever make a fourth, it should a leap back in time to fight all the bosses in their prime, Artorias with his shield and Sif along , Vendrick in full king mode, thunder Gywn, the witches of Izalith, the unfettered Sinner, the Prince without crawling, etc.
By Anonymous
Don't use Brightbug, he gets annoyingly aggressive.
By Anonymous
No he doesn't
By Anonymous
He looks like wasted after a summer party.
By Anonymous
Shield is a must incase of mistakes. With moonlight greatsword in right hand, I was able to average 2 hits every attack, sometimes 3, and on one occasion I got 4.
By Anonymous
Gwyn: Plin Plin Plon

Vendrick: PLON... PLIN...*ominous whispering and Eerie Creaking*
By Anonymous
how did he get so stinky?
By Anonymous
he does have a stinky butt and massive balls for sure
By Anonymous
the true kingassripper
By Anonymous
vendrick has a stinky butt
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