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As a mage, the Ancient Dragon battle probably took me 15 minutes (it also took ALL my spells) but I beat him in my first try. Vendrick... one tiny mistake and I am dead. On Ancient Dragon battle I just casted the Flash Sweat pyromancy and the Rain of Fire attack just took a little bit of my health. On Vendrick I wore the Steel Protection Ring +1, had my armor upgraded to +10, but he still one shot me with a sweeping attack. The vertical attacks are SUPER easy to dodge. The god***** horizantal attacks are my biggest nightmare.
The ancient dragon is pretty easy if you bait the fly attack then run from it, stay in front of him and bait the fire breath then go under him and hit. As a cleric I could hit him 3 times when I was under, it took like 10 minutes, but if you're a warrior or a mage I think you can put more hits, I got hit just one time.



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I ativate the fight before getting e souls and almost took him out right there but made the mistake of getting greedy lol then I reengaged him to see if his defense shot up(it did) so I went after the souls and even after getting all five and keeping them in my inventory I still only did 36 damage... What did I do wrong?
If you fight Vendrick RIGHT after Velstadt, Vendrick will be weaker. If you wait, he will be at his insanely high normal boss strength.
Believe me
I did it only 2 times and i said screw that so what you get a alt ending but aldia doesn't give souls or drop anything so its not worth the stress
You also get his crown and can get him to bless it while you're in his memory. Then while wearing any of the 4 crowns you get bonus effects and don't turn hollow upon death
Getting his soul is a good idea. You can trade it for 3 items: 1 medium shield (which is very cool and also has good stats) 1 ultra greatsword (dealing insane phys. dmg. with S scaling at +5, along with dealing 3 durability dmg pr. hit which is killer in pvp) and 1 greatsword (the same sword Vendrick uses).
I tried various weapon coating against him for fun and he suddenly get aggressive when I used dark pine resin, opening the fight with cursed orb and attacking faster than normal, confirmation please?
I just defeated him, and it seems that he really hates darkness. He attacked me just after two hits
Vendrick hates darkness. He will be more aggressive if you use dark against him. Just like Fume Knight will be more aggressive if you wear Velstadt's Helm in that fight, since Velstadt and Raime are rivals.
Two handing +5 Fire Ice Rapier with fire clutch ring, ring of blades, Leo ring, and the pyromancy flame weapon had me doing almost 700 damage a hit with being able to safely spam 3-5 hits at a time before needing to dodge. Beat him without taking any damage
I was also using a light armor build for this with high stam Regen
In Scholar do you have to get more Giant souls if you die?
no just dont squish the giant souls
Vendrick hates darkness, so if you start atacking him with the hex Dark Weapon I will start the battle