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By Anonymous
He has this roll spec where he just, disappears. any way to obtain that ability?
By Anonymous
sure there is a ring in the second dlc
By Anonymous
There’s a ring that lets you do the invisible roll, don’t remember which
By Anonymous
Can you be a little more specific about the location of the summon? I have the golem torches lit and im not hollowed but i still cant find it.
By Anonymous
Get both golems lit and his sign should be in the back by one of the golems. It's really small and can only be seen if you are near the golems.
By Anonymous
He even has a summon sign at Dragon Shrine. Its located below the bridge guarded by the Dragon Knight before the 3rd Drakekeeper (kill him first so the Dragon Knights don't get aggroed)
By Anonymous
I love this guy.
By Anonymous
At least for 15 to 20 minutes at a time with no long term commitment, amiright?
By Anonymous
You can take him to the Chariot Boss fight in Sotfs.
By Anonymous
He's officially my favorite summon
By Anonymous
mine too
By Anonymous
Were is his sign at brightstone cove I still can’t find it
By Anonymous
Don't know if you still need the answer, but it's in the room right to ornifex' shop. Opposite the bonfire room
By Anonymous
I cannot find him, it may be that he wasn't in the post-patch SOTFS version for PS3
By Anonymous
I summoned him before The Rotten boss fight, then I progressed after that and killed more bosses then went back to black gulch and found his summon sign what does that mean?
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By narzn
He was a shade. Shades are for clearing the area. He is there to help you go through that area, even if you have completed it already.
By Anonymous
This summon is the apex Chad, what a beast!