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When will this be added to the Boss Souls page?
probably because she's not a boss?
I dont get why it's not either. It's a boss soul used to make a unique weapon. Bosses you can fight have a completely separate page
alsanna don´t speak with me, way?
Wait I can kill her... all this time I thought I had to do that stupid collecting garbage.
For those of you who are tired of farming loyce souls there are 2 ways to get 50 loyce souls without kill alsanna easy and you can do it on your own

Method 1 : start the game offline and open up the cheat engine then change values of loyce souls to 50 and return to alsanna (this method is work 100% no ban)

Method 2 : (if you don't have enough loyce souls to find the values in cheat engine) download the cheat table and start dark souls 2 offline and spawn(Item swap) 50 loyce souls(this method is also works 100% no ban if you do it correctly)

Or you can farm the boss fight and allow yourself to die after you kill all the charred loyce knights. I did that and I’m proud to have earned each one of them through grinding
and not exploitation.
I wouldn't be proud of that sh*t. Needing 50 of them is a bad joke.
If you got all three crowns by this point... and get Vendrics blessing...and wear a crown...and carry no souls when you go to fight charred loyce kinghts... your death does basically have no consequence... you can not go hollow anymore.
So its basically...go down..kill few loyce knights.. die or feather out.. do it again.. untill you have 50.
Maybe it is good to wear agape ring as well so your soul memory does not go all the way to 10's of millions.
I just farmed the required amount & also found out after the fact you can kill her but I'm not even mad that boss fight has been the highlight of my SOTFS platinum run, I originally went there to farm sunlight medals in co-op which turned out to be so much more, Highly recommend it as you'll be over leveled before you know it sadly.
I didn't have it in me to kill Alsanna. She's the only Shard that's not a downright evil.