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Op sword
get two of these and the stats to dual wield them and you've won the game.
Honestly one of the best weapons in the game, and you can get it in the first 10 minutes of a playthrough!
Rapier + greatsword + Sanctum crossbow : Future exterminator
The boss slayer.
prepare to get ****!!!! *proceeds to land a backstab*


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You're an idiot
Geez, why all the dislikes? The man only made a pun...
Best infusion for it?
Try Dark


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Raw, since it is the one that gives most physical damage and you can still use resins to do other types of damage.
To the guy above me: in DS2 infusions don't make weapons unbuffable
Ever since i picked this up, ive always managed to incorporate It into my build somehow. It is amazing against single targets due to its good damage, fast attack speed, and low stamina cost per poke. Always have a good sidearm for horizontal swings if you get overwhelmed. Never underestimate its counter damage bonus! Poke weapons become devastating when attacking right before and right after an enemy attack.
Rapier pokes bosses like a god. My typical loadout would be bastard sword as main weapon, rapier and then avelyn. I don't even need shields to party. Rapier is very good and goes well with bastard sword for me


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Who knew that of all the weapons in Dark Souls—massive swords, six-foot-long halberds, hammers bigger than the wielder—one of the weapons to be considered the most overpowered and devastating thing in the game was... some thin thrusting sword. :l
Man , a greatsword has to be more useful on PvP , more range bruh
It makes a lot of sense. Most weapons in Dark Souls are too impractical to actually be useful but a Rapier is a very efficient and deadly weapon in real life, might as well be one in game too. I'm just glad Dark Souls isn't another Japanese game where Katanas blow everything else out of the water.


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Couldn't have said better than the commenter above me, it just is a an effective weapon in rl anyway, it only makes sense.
The plane ol club is the same way


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As some one who fences classical rapier, I can tell you first hand that the it is a powerful sword in reality. It has the same ammount of steal as a classical Knight's arming sword, but it is obviously made a bit thinner and longer. The illusion that we fall for when looking at a picture is that the thin blade equals week, when in fact it is strengthened for powerful thrusts, blade binding and parries.



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dec 22 guy.
Ahem: Chaos Blade
Only casuls use it. That weapon is to OP.
ok *
too op to even know how to write
giT gUd then
You're just pissed that you get killed by it everytime someone invades you. Shut up ***** *** *****.
lmao look at all these salty noobs
They hated him, for he spoke the truth.
Who would win. Dragons, Legendary knights, giant two headed spiders... or some skinny boi with a toothpick
Old iron kings hole would probably win, tbh



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I hate the OIK stupid hole