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How much str to 2hand this mofo?
False. Takes 50 strength to one hand it. To two hand it only takes half the strength. So 25 for this weapon
oops its not ds1, sorry 25 was correct



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It's the only great hammer I've seen with the ultra greatsword/greataxe 2 handed R1
oops its not ds1, sorry 25 was correct
25 to two hand and 75 (with 15 Dex) to power stance it


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I have found it in Dragon Aeriee on SOTFS version
Me too
Its in both



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Poise drains unusually fast for a weapon that is a tooth from a ever-lasting, immortal, stone dragon.
I'm assuming you mean durability, and yes, I agree with that statement. 70 durability for a tooth from an everlasting dragon. It *might* not be the real thing now that I think about it.


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cant stop the rock
Mad dragon build power stance 2 of these babies Start bandit Dump stats adapt, atunement, int, faith 75 str (requires 69 lvls) 15 dex (1 lvl) 50 vit ( 39 lvls) 30 end(23 lvls) 30 vig (21 lvls) Wich puts you at soul lvl 164 but ive seen SL of 200 in pvp so you have 36 lvls of wiggle room you could get your 30 adaptability with a few more points in endurance Have fun oneshotting everything Ow armor? Something reasonably light ofc third dragon ring and soldier ring+2 you need high poise for this build so a ring of giants is def up there red tearstone ring for that extra umph at the end is also a lot of fun but 4th ring is w/e you prefer
I don't mean to be rude but that was extremely hard to read and I feel you should try that again in English.
I found one at belfry Luna after upper ramparts bonfire anyone else?
Yes, that sounds about right no wonder I had 2
Big D energy over 9,000
you can find other after the Belfry Gargoyle Boss, after the campfire go down stairs, you get invaded, go to the corpse at the end
In og dark souls 2 or SOTFS
What does L2 do
It can parry attacks but it's so slow and clunky to connect no one uses that.