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By Anonymous
Enemies with human invaders AI, it's a good challenge. They Pyromancer and the Sword Yielder are the most dangerous ones, the last will 3 hit combo you if you turn your back.
By Anonymous
Wtf I don't remember equipping the Redeye Ring
By Anonymous
Seriously. The ally knights are completely useless.
By Anonymous
The Pyro variant's Fire Whip is extremely deadly, will instantly kill you if you don't get out of the way in time.
By Anonymous
Don't give up skeleton. But no seriously, they are stupid. Even with leveled adp they sometimes hit you with their back after you fully dodge a thrust attack, they are VERY resistant, have a lot of health, and can be incredibly agressive. The weapon i found working the best was fume straight sword as it staggers them more consistently. Also the idea that the soul drops aren't guaranteed and you have to join CoC is stupid. Only tips i have are:

-Don't kill the Ivory king, get aged feather first and bail out every time he spawns, it makes it far easier

If you killed him also try these:

-If you have decent amount of estus left don't leave, when they spawn it makes it easier to spawn pick one of them
-Don't even bother with trying to hit multiple at once it will almost never works
-Buff your weapon when you fall down, you need every second of extra damage
-Targeting pyromancer is generaly a bad idea in my experience, he rarely stays close enough to hit when you punish and melee knights will activate demon mode second you press any button
-Don't bother trying to use magic or anything they are too resistant to it, and need 2+ spells to get stuned usually
-Since you will be wearing prisoner rags and symbol of avarice get smelter demon legs and hands they give very good phys resist it's even worth that **** runback
-If 3 of them spawn as melee bail just downright bail it's not worth the effort, pyromancer is still dumb bot 3 melee spamming enemies with high health and VERY high damage are dumber
-use dried root so as not to get ****ed over with health drain from symbol of avarice
-if you use magic drink crimson water inbeetwen them spawning
-always assume they will perform 3 hit combo
-never ever try healing if you are not at least beyond pyromancers range, you will get hit
-you might want to get mentaly ready, it's really boring and unfair, so try not to worry about it too much
By Anonymous
All I can say it git gud? They aren't aggressive at all if u know how the AI works keep circling just keep circling they will not and can not charge at u if another enemy is in their way so the more you circle the less they attack also if u need to heal remove target lock and run away they will only run after you for the charge attack which isn't very far so just run half or a bit more of your stam bar away and you will have ALOT of time to heal and buff or whatever else u need to do u can even use this tactic if your ranged soul spear hits them for around 800 dmg for me with 55 int and crystal ss does over 1000 if they aren't blocking
Also the adds spawn 3 at a time and you get about 5 minutes before the next spawn so if u can't kill them in that time then maybe you just need to get good?
This boss that you have beat already literally gives u one of the best weapons to deal with these guys the ivory king ultra GS it staggers them every hit and I kill them in 3 hits every time
your whole post is filled with misinformation Learn how things work before you start preaching about "these adds b4 the bosss are so hurd durr I ded too many times these adds are too hurd to beat its not me I play guud game too hard"
I swear that's what your post looks like.
By Anonymous
This is so ****ing stupid.
By Anonymous
they def get stronger after the boss is defeated.
By Anonymous
More likely you're in Covenant of Champions after the boss is defeated so that they'll infinitely respawn in The Old Chaos (instead of only spawning 12 times each, 36 times for all 3 combined). Champions makes enemies hit harder and take less damage.
By Anonymous
Alexa, play BFG Division
By Anonymous
In my experience they target the player over the allied Loyce Knights so be weary when healing as several if not all of the Charred Loyce Knights will start to charge towards you and can easily stun-lock you to death
By Anonymous
If I was good at the game I'd regret not trying to kill more of these guys for their drops, but since I suck so much and die to the king every time, I dont have to worry about not being able to farm them.
By Anonymous
so only way to farm them is at the boss fight? wtf? how would you ever get 50 Souls?
By Anonymous
Homeward bone when boss spawns rinse repeat
By Anonymous
You can come back after the fight. They still respawn even after the king's death.