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does nobody really knows how to get that curiosity ?
does nobody really knows how to get that good grammar?
well its certainly still ingame ...
in the area where ornifex has its workshop there are some barrels lying arround the same colour as this armor could this be a hint ?
Its cut content
You have to lure the torch wielding undead in Undead Crypt through the big room until he reaches the room of Agdayne. There he will be killed by the crypt guardians (who get hostile towards him, because he made light) and drop the Barrel. I really like the HP recovery, it's very handy =)
That one guy is who said something Agdayne and the grave wardens is total bull*****let this be a lesson for anyone stupid enough to try that.
Idiots..the barrel is a cut-content item in the game. It’s still in the code/files yet there’s no way to actually get it/ use it
i didn't knew about this thing untill now i'm going to equip this with a catarina helm and invade people and beat them with a mundane ladle