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will bonfire aceint bring her back
where does her grave spawn
Nope. You have to wait until the actual next playthrough I believe .
She's got a nasty bug. If you don't specifically end dialogue through the menu options and instead force quit it (via walking out of chat range), she'll move outside the ruins, but will refuse to move to Majula until you end her dialogue through the menu option, then go through at least ONE loading screen.
I've just encountered that bug. It seems like nothing will end her conversation loop. On the bright side, I get unlimited prism stones.
This must have happened to me, I can't find her anywhere.
A quick way get a branch of Yore is in the Black Gulch. Its a quick run from Majula>The Gutter>BG. its right behind you after dropping
Idk if it's there in the base game, but Scholar has a branch in the Gutter itself. Go to location of the Heide Knight/Aurous Set chest/Flash Shard, take the zipline and drop down the hole. You'll find a pile of like 5 items, one of which is a branch.
The only problem with that is that I have to go down to the Black Gulch....
Does NG+ remove her clothes you gave her on your previous run?
I'm on NG+ now and found out that it does.
Did anyone not
give her the desert sorceress set?
Full alonne knight armor set. Now if she tries her fire, she'll boil in her armor.
I totally did lol
No way That set's for me
This was my first thought but then I read you can only give her gloves and she will stay naked...
Dress-up flash game Dark Souls style.
tried to test pyromancy on her and she aggro'ed at 85% hp THANK YOU MIYADZAKI I REALLY WANT TO GO THROUGH 3 LOCATIONS TO GO TO THE CROMWELL AND PAY 60K SOULS ASWELL!!!!
maybe don't attack npc's you don't want to aggro?
I'm fairly certain blacksmiths don't like you testing out their weapons by cutting their heads off.
dark souls 2 game developing leader wasn't miyazaki you *


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"Wow, when I attack NPCs, they don't like it and fight back. Such dum gaem. Miyazakers (who, by the way, wasn't on the team for DS2) y u do dis??!?"
fυcking dumbαss
if you only give her a hat she will be awkwardly underdressed
I only gave her Prisoner's Gloves, a worthless piece of cloth in her wrist. BTW, probably it's my dirty mind, but moving the camera to see her private parts while dressed this way, it looks like she doesn't shave...
what the ***** is wrong with the other guy who replied to this comment
I mean, in a world like that of Dark Souls I'd have other priorities instead of trimming the bush. Not to mention finding a razor that won't just mutilate you.
YAY!!! Now I know how to fre her, I just need to research how to free her now, great.