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By Anonymous
it doesn't need to be the last of them. I get it by the first drop in the 2nd visit.
By Anonymous
Some melee weapons specific attacks can actually hit this enemy when at a distance, by looking down you can make most spears, rapiers, halberds while blocking and whips hit below the statues, but you need to be far enough to hit with the tip of the weapon, most Ultra weapons' light attacks may also work, but these have to be horizontal sweeps that hits the ground at the end of each strike, and must connect with the turtle thingy at that time. Some heavy attacks might also work, like the two handed Washing Pole, or the two handed Zweihander.
By Anonymous
Yes, indeed... Promised Walk of Peace dropped before the Poison Statue Clusters stopped spawning, but not before the Gank Squad had been killed.
By Anonymous
Use whips on them buggers. Works wonders
By Anonymous
Literally one of the worst enemies on the game
By Anonymous
Also found in the Black Gulch ng+
By misty-sunrise
Claymore R2 works well on these guys if you don't lock on and just aim your camera down.
By Anonymous
shield bash skill kill these things so easy
By Anonymous
Thanks friend