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By Anonymous
Is Heide Knight Sword good here ? (because of lightning damage + water)
By Anonymous
Anyone recommend me a shield for this area?
By Anonymous
Damn, it's like some people forget they're playing a Dark Souls game... Imagine complaining that a DS game is difficult. Like, you specifically opted into playing a DS game. Do you feel entitled to find DS2 easy because you're able to breeze through DS1 after two dozen playthroughs? I really don't get it. If you don't like hard games there are plenty of easy ones out there.
By Anonymous
people do not like it artificial hard. How can you not understand? Yeah i can make any areas "hard" by put a dozen of sniper who can shoot you across the map and hit like a truck and also their bullet can follow you, and while we are at it, i will aso put a bunch of fast moving enemy that will follow you to the end of earth just so you can't run pass, and hey, you are forever walking in this area. You see how stupid that sound?
By Anonymous
This area is almost completely dragged down by the section right before the third bonfire that spams Archdrake Pilgrims and Priestesses like no tomorrow, and to make it worse NG+ adds MORE to an already excessive amount of enemies. Everything before or after that is manageable, but the fact that Archdrake Pilgrims cannot be parried, have insane poise, walk through water at regular speed, and fast combos combined with healing and homing magic from the priestesses, means that last section is earnestly one of the most dangerous and frustrating to get through in the game. It's a shame because if it weren't for that the Shrine of Amana is not a bad area and definitely among the best visually in the game.
By Anonymous
Thank you for putting enemies that break my stuff in the cave, From Software. I wasn’t having enough fun
By Anonymous
I heard there were milfs at this shrine? Hello?
By Anonymous
Which shield I should use in this area? (Against the magic attacks)
By Anonymous
Magic Shield, dropped by the Leydia Pyromancers in Undead Crypt. Infuse it with Faintstone for 100% magdef.
By Anonymous
But Undead Crypt is after Shrine of Amana!
By Anonymous
Some bosses are so easy they had to make the path to the boss as tedious as possible. The whole area is a boss its sell, the Demon of Song is just a decoy for the real boss.
By Anonymous
Really beautiful dungeon, but my god do the enemies suck in this
By Anonymous
This is a tricky place, but it's not so difficult to pass. It is, indeed, very easy, IF you take care of your surroundings. A tip? get rid of the damn mages, they are the reason why this place **** you up, specially if you are melee, and get rid of those long tongue monsters lurking underwater as well. As for me, I just one bonked them all with my Dragon Tooth, that's why this place was easy for me :D
By Anonymous
"get rid of the damn mages, they are the reason why this place **** you up, specially if you are melee, and get rid of those long tongue monsters" how I never thought about that, thank you, you're a genius
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