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By Anonymous
Y'all are really butthurt about a videogame level. Chill
By Anonymous
So no one's allowed to be angry over something that's difficult?
By Anonymous
There are some paths one can take to remain unseen from most of the enemies. Most pillars can be used for cover from the spellcasters. One can make it due without arrows; I made it with a +10 Great Club, and a bit of patience.
By Anonymous
I just put a hole in my desk with my controller
By Anonymous
seek help
By Anonymous
…from white phantoms. Your rage is justified, this level is objectively poorly designed.
By Anonymous
My first time here I had to kill nearly everyone enemy in the long section until they stopped spawning...
By Anonymous
This makes Blight Town look like a tutorial area
By Anonymous
God awful level design and enemies. The range on the mage attacks is ridiculous.
By BudgieBrainIkigami
This area is actually fairly easy with poison arrows and a **** ton of patience. Use your poison arrows on the humanoids and use a melee weapon on the things in the water.

It takes roughly an hour to do this patiently but you can get a **** ton of souls to buy more poison arrows with. Go to gavlan to get poison items
By Anonymous
Bring a bow and lots of arrows.
By Anonymous
this place makes me want to play russian roulette with a glock
By Anonymous
Monsters chasing you through the whole area - Check
Monsters spamming homing missiles through the whole area - Check
Swamp that prevents you from running and jumping - Check
Invisible underwater cliffs - Check
Poisonous swamp - Not found
Not possible to carry on without a torch - Not found
Looks like it could even be worse... thanks god it's not
Not yet completed the game but i hate this area more then earthen peak and gutter together
By Anonymous
What a weird way to let everyone know how much you suck. If you actually picked the enemies instead of rushing blindly you wouldn't find yourself getting chased nonstop, the ranged enemies die in like 3-4 shots if you have a moderately upgraded bow, and the cliffs are not invisible, you're just busy being so bad that you can't be bothered to look down and see that you can clearly tell where the cliff ends and the bottomless water pit starts
By Anonymous
Guy above me is projecting LUL
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